The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Hey Baby, I Think I Wanna Marry You

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Finally! It's been a long time coming but "To Begin With..." brought us a major event between two of our main characters on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Do not continue reading if you haven't watched...

Amy & Ricky Consider Eloping

Amy and Ricky tied the knot! I'm kind of digging the fact that they skipped showing the whole wedding hoopla. Wedding build up takes up so much time on TV these days, that when we finally get to the big day it's a flop. I'm looking at you Gossip Girl.

I loved seeing Ricky and Amy running out of the chapel giggling and not just because it's the first time we've seen Amy happy all season! I think the montage of them set to Bruno Mars' "Marry You" was probably one of my favorite sequences ever on Secret Life. These two are old enough to raise a kid together, they live together, they love each other, they don't need the whole world honing in on their wedding plans. It's about the marriage, not the wedding day!

I'm almost surprised they told George the truth. Then again, I can see how George would be supportive. He always pushed for the two of them to get engaged and married. Besides, now it looks like George has his hands full with his other daughter, Ashley. Don't faint, but I'm actually not completely hating her these days! She is a bitch, yes, but she is a consistent bitch full of teenage angst and she's finally got a storyline.

If I'm being nice to Ashley, does that mean I can vote another cast member off the island? Yes? Awesome! I choose Grace. I came thisclose to muting my television during her rant. She is so effing selfish and I am so sick of her. She makes everything about her. There were two people in that kiss and the other was her best friend Adrian. Now that Grace is a little uncomfortable for questioning her sexuality, she dumps Adrian as a friend? Not cool.

Thank goodness Jack decided to go out with that other girl. I hope he takes Henry with him as a wingman after Ben straight up lied to Henry's face. Ben is all about the lies lately and I'm going to say what a lot of people are thinking: Dylan is a bad influence. Leo has always been an awesome, supportive father to him and if Ben came to him with the truth he could've helped. Instead he's now tangled in a web of lies. 

During tonight's episode, I asked my Twitter followers if they thought Dylan started the fire on purpose. I kind of suspect she did. This girl is bananas. What do you all think? Are you happy Amy and Ricky finally got hitched? Were you surprised Ashley lost her virginity? Hit the comments! 


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I think to be the beginning of a new season (if this is the start of 5th season) has been great! The fourth season was terrible. 4A was so nice, good episodes that are illogical and unrealistic went from, few things I liked, as the stories adrian / ben, and a little ricky! 4b the terrible, just a few episodes were saved!
I loved how entangled all over again, this crazy dylan, ben is lost, ashley finally has her own life, ricky and amy married? yes, but where is the drama? I do not think it's all said and not easy

Leigh r

OMG I forgot to mention Adrian and the locker picture! That was so creepy hahaha. Sometimes this show just gets really Fatal Attraction on us!


Good episode for once, the writing is still corny (and stop with the sex talk show !) but i kind of like even characters like Grace and Ashley, they can be selfish and self-absorbed but these flaws make them human and more realistic as young women or teenagers, i kind of get it.
Ricky and Amy were very cute, now a marriage at this age will be kind of a challenge but it is what life is i guess.


Dylan needs to disappear now. She's a whack-job and Ben isn't this stupid! I am very disappointed with the character that Ben has become. Also, what was up with Adrian's thing with Ricky's photograph? Is she seriously opening that up again? She needs to get a life and the writers of this show need to be fired!


Dyan is so crazy!

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