After everything we've been through, we both just deserve to be madly in love when we get married.


Amy: You're just marrying me because of John.
Ricky: What difference does it make?
Amy: It makes all the difference in the world.

I just wish I could do it all over again, do it all differently, do it better...but I guess it's time.


It's not over until the I Do's.


Ben: May the best man win.
Ricky: The best man did win

I don't wanna go, I loved high school, I loved it here.


High school has not been kind to you either.

Amy [to Ben]

It took a long long time for me to grow up, so I'm sorry if you got hurt along the way.

George [to Amy]

You wanna know the truth? When I have sex with Amy I don't really feel anything. You know why Ethan? Because I slept with too many girls.

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