The Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Look Who's Back!

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Hush all you want, Merle, but the secret is out.

In its latest promotional push for The Walking Dead Season 3, AMC has revealed that Merle Dixon - a character viewers have been wondering about since he was supposedly left for dead on season one - will return to the drama this fall.

In what condition? A certain new arm accessory depicted in the following below gives us an idea. With what an agenda? For that answer, we'll need to tune in and find out...

Walking Dead Season 3 Photo

In recent weeks, meanwhile, AMC has also given us our first looks at:

Look for these new characters to join your old favorites when The Walking Dead returns in October.

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@Ed Al - It's not a spoiler.. Not all things happen as described in the comics.


He has to be with the Governors group, but will he really be a part of that group or stringing them along?


I bet he will be with the governor's group..


Henry:Portrait of a serial killer !! Cool,cant wait.


ShaunieB, no the picture isn't a spoiler. But Niejan's comment certainly is.... (idiot)


Just like the comics. Perhaps Merle will even cut off Rick's hand?!


I wonder if any people on here will complain about spoilers like on other sites. In my mind this isn't a spoiler since AMC wants you to know hence the press release and photo. I'm looking forward to seeing Merle back and I'm assuming he's joined up with the Governor.

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