Will Mark Die on Grey's Anatomy?

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Will Mark Sloan become the latest victim of a tragic plane crash when Grey's Anatomy Season 9 begins in September? It seems unlikely, but certainly not impossible, given what we know.

Or more accurately, what we don't.

Consider what Shonda Rhimes said right after the Season 8 finale claimed the life of Chyler Leigh's character and left the fates of others up in the air: "They're still out there in the forest."

"We left it open for a reason because ... I hate to say this, but just because you saw people alive at the end of the finale doesn't mean they're going to be alive when the season starts up."

Then consider this latest unsettling teaser, from TV Guide's William Keck in response to a fan question on Twitter. Eric Dane himself is apparently unsure of his character's fate ...

Dane Twitter

Dane is not one of the original stars who agreed to new contracts, for what that's worth, and the show losing Mark on top of Lexie would make for its most talked-about season premiere yet.

Still feels like a stretch, though ... Eric not knowing could be as simple as not wanting to say what he doesn't know for sure, or playing coy for the sake of keeping the mystery alive this summer.

What do you think? Will he and the rest of the doctors in the woods make it?

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MARK CANNOT DIE, IF HE DIES I WILL BE SO MAD! Lexie already died! That's enough already, Mark dying would be too much. I don't think that anyone else should die because if a lot of people die, there really would be nothing in season 9 left to do..For a whole season there would be nothing.


perhaps... arizona + callie, mer+derek, hunt+yang, karev + ??? still on ur script Ms.Shonda #GA #S.9 the friendship will be continue


#GA S.9 ----- Arizona still on screen. thanks Shonda


I don't think people are really thinking of Meredith! Yeah she seems fine but does anyone remember her feeling the back of her head and all the blood? I think she has some sort of head injury that maybe Derek will want to fix himself but due to his hand problem he can't operate! Same will probably happen with Arizona and Callie. I don't think Arizona will die, there's been no mention of terminating her contract and Callie will want to operate on her leg but can't because they are family.


Derek did say ROSE, Why would he say that, its funny! And about Mark getting killed off, ISNT going to HAPPEND!! Arizona will be the next on to go...She is couching up blood... I cant wait for it to come back on!!!


HEY...did anyone else hear Derek say "Rose" towards the end when Meredith woke him up??!! Wasn't Rose that nurse he dated when him & Meredith were on a "break"?!


I personally think that Arizona will die. Arizona will die and that will leave Callie with the baby. Oh and since Callie and Mark both lost their loved ones in the plane accident, they will cope together and Callie will become straight again and then they will get married....well maybe not that far but I think I have the right idea.


Eric dying would give Jackson a chance to set up as plastics attending. The same is true for Cristina since Teddy is no longer around. Although all of the characters have accepted jobs at other hospitals, it makes you wonder how the show will go forward if they don't find their way back to Seattle Grace through one series of events or another. If they make it back, we need to see them as leaders not students. The only way to do that is to get rid of some of the existing attendings. After all, we still need some senior docs on staff.


I hope he does die.


i wont let mark die he needs to live

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