Breaking Bad Review: Because He Said So

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Because I said so. We're done when I say we're done. I forgive you.

Yes, Breaking Bad viewers, Walter White really can become more egotistical and maniacal.

Following events on the Breaking Bad Season 4 finale - Walt finally killing Gus Fring, by pulling a major one over Jesse and placing a child's life very much in danger - fans have been wondering just where the best series on television would pick up.

Where could Walt go from here, having defeated his adversary and blown up his lab in the process? The Season 5 premiere, "Live Free or Die," didn't provide much of an answer, instead taking us deep inside the frightening mind of Walter White and making it clear he's crossed fully over into drug lord mode.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Premiere Pic

Focusing less on plot than on main character development - with the exception of the fascinating cold open, which teased some sort of machine gun-based scheme to come - the episode introduced us to Walter White... 4.0? 5.0?

Who knows what version we're on now, but this one has left all sense of apprehension and fear behind.

Remember, storyline-wise, it's only been a few days since Walt was left crying in that crawl space, convinced he and his family would die at the hands of Gus and his men. But there's no worry with Walt any longer. He's come out on top in his previous season-long battle and he's truly in control now. He's the one who knocks - and then knocks down the door if you don't answer.

A laptop is in evidence? No problem. There's a solution for that. Saul wants to end their partnership? Yeah, right. Only on Walt's terms. Skyler gave away a chunk of his fortune to Ted? What a caring guy. He forgives his wife for her deed.

With Jesse tightly tied around his finger, and even Mike now in subtle admiration of the man who offed his boss, we don't have a clear idea of what Walt will do next, but it has been made evident that this is a man fully aware and in control of his newfound power.

Yes, Skyler, you should be scared.

All the factors that lead to Breaking Bad's greatness were on display in the premiere. The terrific acting from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The incredible visual of the magnetized evidence being sucked against the wall. The dark humor (it's the universal symbol for keys). The small detail of Walt's maneuver opening up another angle to the Heisenberg investigation, via that broken picture frame.

The true genius in this show lies in how every action can be traced back to a prior action, how every season and storyline feels perfectly paced and planned ahead of time. It's television writing at its absolute zenith.

Walt doesn't care that he may have ruined many other cases with his magnet trick. He doesn't think that some murderer may go free as a result. He just knows something had to be done and he's the man who plotted the demise of Gus Fring. He's the man who now gets things done, no matter what the cost.

In reality, Hank is no longer searching for Heisenberg. That guy is long gone. All better hail the king who has taken his place. Or suffer the consequences.


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Speed ??to fly tory burch wikipedia


yeah bitch, magnets ahhh ;) you gotta love jesse ;)
omg when walter said: I forgive u i thought: RUN SKYLER as far and fast as u can. THis Walt is a proper freak now.. wow i wonder how he lived such a normal live - but then.. wow seriously i hope that jesse and mike are gonna be against walt in the end and he gets killed.. cant stand him anymore
poor jesse


why does just about everyone who recaps the ending of season 4 says that Walt is either the new kingpin or drug lord or new power ?? everything, the lab, the material. The. Equipment, the money was all provided from Gus..they can only hope that whatever is left of the cartel would want to work with them or Saul( who is one of the gems in this show) finds another Gus for hem to work with..


Fantastic! I sympathize with Kat D. To end at season 4 would have been the best ending ever (or so far). But there are so few quality TV dramas at present I am happy to watch more Breaking Bad. The characters on Breaking Bad are great: I love Walt, Jessie, Mike, Sol, Hank and hate the Skyler character. Loathsome, bullying and hypocritical. Sleeps with her boss and spends all of Walt`s money so she can get herself out of a fix. And then she gives Walt a hard time for making his family safe??

@ poopsie

That's how all women are bro...get used to it.


Wonderful episode. The opening scene was quite a teaser. I loved that it was Jesse who thought of the magnet; the scenes in the salvage yard were fantastic too. Nice little reveal in the broken photo frame. This show just gets better and better.


This is undoubtedly the best on tv, supurb acting. Jess is the star in my mind. He is outstanding in his part. I feel in the coming weeks we will see Walter "the king" now go out in a blaze of glory. My theory: Walter will have a relapse of cancer dying in the end. Gus left a will leaving all the chicken restaurants to Jesse giving him a chance to go straight. (Remember he liked Jesse what with Mike taking him with him on his pickups, etc). I know he was grooming him for solo cooker but still leaves some doubt there.But whatever happens, I'll be there to the end. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!


This is partly in response to Kat D.: The reason the series couldn't end with the death of Fring, is that that scene was the apex of the story arc. The zenith, the high point. From here on in, it just gets darker and darker. Loved the review by the way. The importance of Walt's ego at this point can't be overstated. He's still fearful in many ways, but in many others, he's going to down the road to sociopathy. We saw it in last year's final episode when he coaxed his older neighbour woman to "test the mines" - basically putting her life on the line - before he felt safe to go into his house. And the look that Mike and Jesse shared when Walter said "because I said so" - was priceless. Snake said it best: this is TV drama at its finest!


Let me start by saying that I know I'm going to be in the minority, but I was disappointed with the season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad. From the Breaking Bad pilot episode, I was hooked and couldn't get enough of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The character development on this show is second to none. The plot, like a rollercoaster ride, had viewers on the edge of their seats anticipating the excitement of what was to come next. There was not one moment of the four unbelievably creative seasons that I would have changed. The final episode of season 4, in my opinion, should have been the end of Breaking Bad. It was the most outstanding ending to a tv season ever. When it was announced that Breaking Bad would release season 5, I couldn't imagine why. There was no need. It was over. Walter White, a conservative, nerdy science teacher in Albuquerque, achieves the impossible and becomes Heisenburg: king pin of the drug world. Incredible. It's over. Done!
Surprisingly, Breaking Bad was not finished with Walter White. And so, after months of anticipation, I watched the season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad. I was disappointed. Everything from the missing artistic creativity of the prelude of the show, to the silly idea of the magnetic truck destrying evidence, took away from the finale of season 4. Jesse Pinkman's character - who had developed from a nervous, young, idiotic druggie into a sophisticated hitman with 'edge', was not evident in this premiere. Mike's meticulous and obsessive destruction of evidence, was not evident in this premiere. Walter White's super intelligent, 'out of the box' thinking, was not evident in this premiere.
This is an example of a series 'pushing it too far'. As much as I wanted more of Breaking Bad, I really wish it would have ended after season 4.


how can all the other shows you review have so many comments & only 1 for the best show on tv???


TV Drama at it's finest. *****

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