Burn Notice Review: The Cost of Freedom

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Through 85 episodes and all of the different people that Michael has had to face off against - such as Management, Vaughn, and Simon - he has been able to keep his friends and family safe.  

But "Shock Wave" changed that, as Michael’s brother Nate was hit with a high-powered bullet when someone assassinated Anson Fuller before he could be arrested. 

Given that Anson is no longer a threat to him, it's clear Michael Westen is going to turn his incredible talents and the skills he has learned over the last six years towards finding the person who murdered his brother. 

The Team Hunts Anson

We have seen what Michael would do when his mom was threatened, I don’t want to imagine what kind of Hell storm he is going to create in his wake as he looks for Nate’s killer. Additionally, I can’t imagine what he may do to that person once he finds them.

Did anyone else catch the gigantic hole in the sign behind Nate after he fell? I initially thought the bullet had gone from Anson to Nate and then the sign, but given the way the edges flared towards Nate, I’m betting the shooter was on the far side of the sign and shot Anson through Nate. I’m sure we will learn more as Michael does.

I was kind of surprised that Jason Nix had brought Nate out of mothballs this season given that we had not heard anything from him since "Mind Games" early last year. Then I understood after this episode: He needed someone close to Michael to kill off. Which makes me wonder if he and Joss Whedon have been having lunch together.

However, while Nate's death is going to add some great meat for Jeffrey Donovan to work with, my first question was to wonder if anyone will really miss the character. Don't get me wrong, I liked Nate, but his personal storyline and contribution to other storylines have amounted to what we saw tonight: order pizza and annoy Michael. Clearly he was the easiest to kill off, but only time will tell if he was the right one. 

While Nate was the elephant in the room, we still had Fiona up to her ass in alligators as MI-6 agent Arthur Meyers showed up to put the brakes on her exit from prison. You have to like how Ayn was able to leverage helping Fiona into getting a support letter from the Warden for her parole hearing in a few months. Anyone want to bet on seeing Ayn again once she gets out?

And while we are talking about Fiona, did I miss part of an episode where they revealed that Rebecca had been behind Fiona’s attempted murder in prison? When Michael and Fiona were talking, she stated that Rebecca had been behind it and I couldn’t remember that being revealed. 

Finally, while I love Sam, his adventure with Barry seemed to resolve itself a bit abruptly. Maybe it’s just the completionist in me that wanted to see Garrett out cold to feel like it was really over. Or maybe it had more to do with us going from that happy ending to Nate’s death that tainted the previous event a bit. 

As we say our finally goodbyes to Nate Westen and wonder what this is going to mean for Michael, remember to stop by our Burn Notice quotes section and see what made the list this week.


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I'm glad Anson's gone, but death was too good for him--I'd sooner see him tried and jailed. I'm with some of the other posters: Where's Rebecca? An entire ep without her, she knew where Anson would be, she knew Michael would find him...


I am sad Nate was killed I though it would be barney but I think Nate was more shocking I guess my thing is why Kill Arson so soon


I too wonder if it was Rebecca that killed Nate or Arson or if it was the birtisa CIA


I'm glad they killed Nate off. He served no purpose in the show, and only aggravated me every-time he was onscreen. I actually called it when the ep started, I said I hope they kill Nate off and they did (fear me!)Let's face it, Nate did nothing to expand on the Burn Notice universe. I'm glad it wasn't Dani or Jesse, as I really want to see their story develop further. I was a little bit disappointed there wasn't more omph to Fi's and Mike's reunion, but in lieu of events, I understood why they downplayed it.


I am still left wondering why Matt (not Jason) Nix felt Nate had to die. Hopefully killing that character is more than a short term ratings grab. I was shocked that one bullet did all that damage. I loved how Nate put Anson down with one punch when seven (i counted) blows from Mike failed to incapacitate Anson in their fight. Ok ok I am the person who wanted the client of the week back, but this was Mucho forced. Usually the CTW is the main thrust of the show with the macro arc filling in the gaps, but this week Barry and Sam competed for screen time with the hunt for Anson AND Fi trying to avoid MI6. Now that Anson is gone, what drives Mike? Who is the man behind the man? I am wondering if Rebecca pulled the trigger (i hope not). And finally Sharon G. deserves an Emmy nomination for that final scene when she was told about Nate. Priceless.


It's 7am my time. I just finished watching Burn Notice and because of Nate Westen, I am craving Hawaiian pizza! He was a good character, but everyone saw his death coming a mile away. They basically had a SAY GOODBYE WHILE YOU CAN sign on him. They even took away his wife and kid to make his death easier on the audience. What will trouble Michael will the fact he didn't even get to apologize to Nate before he died. Although, Nate did feel as if he was proud of himself at the end, so at least he got his "moment". He has always been made out to be a failure, it was nice to see him catch Anson and make Michael proud right before he bit the bullet.


I don't understand. We can see that bullet just scratched Nate, but he died anyway. Can someone explain to me this?


Dawn, I said "I wondered..." and now I know.. *you* at least will miss him :)


How dare you think no one will miss Nate Westen. Yes, he annoyed his big brother. That's what made him Michael's funny opposite. He will be missed by me if no one else.


Osumarko, I knew Rebecca killed the guard, but I thought it was to keep Michael from finding Anson, as he was behind the attempts.

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Sam: I've been helping you slog through this burn notice crap for how many years and I don't get to be there when you put the wraps on the last bastard standing?
Michael: You know how it is, you - the agency - you!

Fiona: I trust you Michael, but if you let that weasel slip away again I'm going to break out of here just to kick your ass!
Michael: Fair enough.