Community Season 4 Scoop: Who Should Play Jeff's Father?

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It was strongly teased on the Community Season 3 finale, and now we have confirmation: Jeff Winger's father will show up on Season 4, according to TV Line.

Community Season 3 Premiere Poto

The character's father has been referenced many times, of course, as he abandoned his son at an early age and those actions have played a clear role in shaping the bitter, sarcastic Jeff Community fans have grown to know and love.

So... who should come on board in this key role? Bill Murray has been rumored, with Joel McHale admitting he's the actor's hero and ex-showrunner Dan Harmon even joking about this possibility last year.

We'll come up with our own list shortly, but have at it, TV Fanatics: Submit your casting suggestions for Mr. Winger now!

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hmm they should cast Jack Coleman, from Heroes, and Vampire Diaries. heh those two are practically identical aside from their age differences, their voices are identical to my ears. heheheheeh also it might be fun to see how the group might react to the resemblance as well lol! eh or something like that. eh Jack, should definitely be on the show no matter if he's the father or not, just to see the group freak out about how much those two look alike, in my opinion.


they should pull a switcheroo and reveal Jeff's mother was pregnant by someone else (Winger is sterile or she cheated, whichever plays funnier). the guy talks to someone in shadows at the end, saying "I hope you're happy now that he knows I'm not his real father" or something.
Then Pierce steps out of the shadows, revealing himself to be Jeff's true father, so he didn't really lie in the hospital. or even better: LEONARD! LOL as for Mr. Winger? What's Kip doing these days? LOL
Bill Shatner? we can have a few digs about his former sitcom.
Too bad Rodney Dangerfield is gone.


Jeff Goldblum!


Bill Murray


Mathew fox or Jerry Springer


Bill Murray would be great, his absurdism and self-deprecation is perfect for the show. Gene Wilder also would rock. Sarcastic Wonka as Winger's dad? That would be awesome. @AlmostEvilAbed - HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, how does one become an ex-creator?


ex-creator....erm...what does that even mean?

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