Eureka Series Finale Review: A Bittersweet Goodbye

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It is with a heavy heart and a few tears in my eyes that I write the sendoff for Eureka. After 77 incredible episodes, we said goodbye to our favorite small town in "Just Another Day."

I was so glad to see that so many people made an appearance, starting with the lovely (and grown up) Jordan Hinson as Zoe Carter, continuing with Matt Frewer and his continual pursuit of the animal variety as the "Biological Containment Specialist" Taggert, and ending with the surprise return of James Callis as Dr. Grant, or rather Trent Rockwell.

A Shocking Eureka

While it was bittersweet that Dr. Grant purchased the town, allowing Eureka to continue in our hearts (if not on TV), the tears came as Jack fell through the worm hole and experienced the flashback. So many memories are attached to those flashbacks for me, too. From Nathan Stark’s sacrifice to the alternate timeline where Allison was pregnant we got to see a brief recap of the amazing life of Jack Carter.

Holly and Zoe summed it up best with:

Holly: Oh! Oh! I remember now! You guys are smart, but the Sheriff is the strong force, he holds it all together.
Zoe: He always does. | permalink

In honor of Jack’s trip down memory lane (or through a memory wormhole), here are three of my favorite episodes prior to the finale. Please share your own in the comments below. 

The Pilot: Watching Jack get use to the town as we got our introduction to the town we would spend the next 6 years with was a lot of fun. I might also have a soft spot for it given they used the ending of it as part of the finale where Zoe and Jack see themselves. 

I Do Over: The sacrifice of Nathan Stark to save everyone at the beginning of season three was met with a lot of questions of where things might go given that Nathan had been a strong counter point to Jack. For me it was an emotionally powerful episode as we watch Nathan fade into history.

Up In The Air: In counter point to I Do Over, I consider this episode one of the best comedic episodes based completely on Colin Ferguson’s pratfall ability. I would put Jack Carter in this episode up against Dick Van Dyke or John Ritter in their top roles. I might get the chance given that Colin Ferguson’s is currently filming a sitcom pilot. 

In conclusion, I'm relieved that everyone got their storybook ending. Jack and Allison pregnant, Holly and Doug together, Jo and Zane together and Henry with Grace leading GD. Summers will not be the same without Jack, Allison and the rest of Eureka. I wish everyone from the cast and crew the best of luck and thank you for sharing your amazing creation with us for the last six years. 

Finally, I would like to say a very special thank you to my wife Leah for her help with the Eureka quotes this week. She is my Allison and I couldn’t do this without her.


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David... he said. Well deal with that tomorrow


I played it over and over but could not understand Jack's last line after he sees himself in the other vehicle. Anyone know what it was?


Although i am very sad to see my favorite show end. They did a spectacular job on the final episode. Got to see some old faces like Taggert,Zoe,Beverly, and Grant. the show ended on a high note with Dr. Grant buying Eureka and putting Henry in charge as director.(now i want to see more). Of course the final scene with Jack and Zoe in the car seeing themselves enter Eureka like in the pilot episode was phenomenal. I will greatly miss Eureka, it was one of the only shows i looked forward to every week. Good luck to the cast and crew. I would love to see them on tv in the future.


I was hoping Fargo would go to Warehouse 13.


I hate to see it end, but if it had too, I think it ended the way I can accept ... it gave closures to the couples I grew to love, yet ended with a little mystery...Loved the show from day one!!!


I loved the finale and I think that Syfy network needs to take another look at their programming. Here was a unique scifi show that was well received and it's gh\one. Oh, but you gotta love the fact that syfy is doing wrestling! NOT! How stupid???!!!


We finally get a good summer show and they cancel it. Curse you scyfy channel!!
I loved all the episodes but have special feelings for the crossovers with Warehouse 13 and the bowling championship.
You will be missed Jack Carter


i have way too many favorite episodes, mainly because i honestly think i loved them all, but to just name a few: The Pilot, Maneater, and Jack of All Trades.
i loved the finale so much. it was more than i could have ever expected. even with the sneak peeks i had no idea what to expect. i did know for sure to expect a lot of crying, which is what i did. especially the scene where Jack is going through the wormhole. my time spent with Eureka was less than a year, way less. but it doesn't effect how much the characters mean to me. this show will always hold a special place in my heart. it was endearing, crazy, but almost every episode would end on a happy note. one of my favorite lines, and there were so many in the finale, was when Holly was talking to Vincent in Cafe Diem
"wormholes, cyborgs, endless possibilities. no wonder you guys love this place so much"


I kinda agree with everyone about the lackluster final story... until the last ten minutes after he went through the wormhole. After that I thought the finale was so spot on that it not only saved the rest of the episode, but actively elevated it to one of my new favorites. And that final scene? Its clear the writers have had that one in their back pocket from the first day of shooting the pilot.


I have decided that writers officially can't win whatever they do! for those fans who were upset with the ending. I don't undestand why you bothered watching this episode you should have stopped at the last episode and then you would have had your slightly more intense ending with the wiping of Holly's mind.
It was obvious from the writer asking for one last episode that he wanted to wrap up the stories for these characters that he loved and therefore was going to find a way to give them a happy ending. Yes it is clique and less exciting but this is a show that is as amazing for its characters and the love they generate from the fans as it is for the sci-fi and out there storylines. I loved that the final episode wrapped up the love stories and gave them all a place to bound from in the fans imaginations. It was heartfelt and touching and I loved every blooming minute of it :)

Eureka Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Jack: Not to interrupt, but WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?
Fargo: I think you may have been wormed-holed.
Jack: Wormholes are bad. What did you do?
Fargo: Nothing. I just activated my strong force amplifier.

Zane: How goes the packing Jo-Jo?
Jo: It's like herding cats.

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