FrenEmmy Awards: Lead Actor in a Drama

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We're back with round two of the TV Fanatic FrenEmmy Awards!

Yesterday, we asked readers to vote on the Best Drama Series on television, using the caveat that none of the shows nominated could ever have been nominated before in that category for the Emmys.

That's the theme all around here: the FrenEmmys honor the actors/actresses/programs that never receive any recognition on television's grandest stage.

A Hatted Hottie
Nikki Heat Scene
Neal Picture
An Important Chat

So let's run it back, shall we? The following stars have never received a nomination for Lead Actor in a Drama and, in all likelihood, none ever will. The FrenEmmys are the only chance they have!

Vote now:

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Why not Francois Arnaud from the borgias? That show is fantastic and totally under rated. His performance this seasonwas gut wrenching.


I know and love five of these men to pieces. It's hard to choose just one among them. I'm leaning more towards Nathan and Matt though.


@Damon Wow, what crawled up your ass and died? That was overly harsh and uncalled for but clearly about 50% of the voters disagree with you so I guess it doesn't matter.


ian somerhalder


BZZZZZZT. Category has been breached Baker is disqualified. He was nominated for an emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2009. There have been also been Golden Globe nods.


None of the above. I vote for Gabriel Macht and Tim DeKay, tied for 1st place! Best tv series - definitely a tie between Suits and White Collar.


Acting requires talent, not sneering. That leaves Ian out. The only true actor in this competition is Matt, thats why he's making 4 movies with top directors in one year plus his show. but I guess the 12 year olds will spend 24/7 voting for Ian.


So its a popularity and being good looking competition. I am pretty sure E! has got a simmilar thing going on over there! Wasnt this whole competition based on the snubs that the emmys produced i.e. actors/actresses/shows that were excellent that were overlooked. Granted Simon Baker and Charlie Hunman should be there but no Harmon, Issac or Laurie? 3 Lead Actors who exceeded what was asked of them. Matt Bomer, Nathan Fillian and Ian Somerhalder did fine jobs in there respective jobs but they didnt stand out. Shame thought this was going to give us genuine TV fans a chance to voice our true nominations... and its turned into a girls fantasy parade. Should of nominated the mankids from glee too!


ian somerhalder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nathan Fillion, he's the best ! I'd rank Matt Bomer 2 and Simon Baker 3 'Cause they're all awesome !

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