FrenEmmy Awards: Best Drama Series

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Welcome to the first-ever FrenEmmys!

As previously explained, these TV Fanatic-sponsored awards are an answer to the Emmys, which once again snubbed many reader favorites when announcing its nominations last week.

So who needs stuffy executives that clearly only watch a handful of programs each year and typically recognize the same actors, actresses and shows over and over and over?

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Poster
Gemma Teller-Morrow Pic
Mike Ross Photograph
Facing Off
Fringe Season 5 Poster
A Praying Boyd Crowder

Let's do this ourselves!

The only rule of The FrenEmmys? Nominees for each category must have NO previous Emmy experience in that category. This is an online ceremony meant to give the underdog a chance.

Got it? Good. Based on reader suggestions and a few heated TV Fanatic staff meetings, the following shows are up for Best Drama Series. Vote now and return throughout the week for many more categories:

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Game of Thrones, The Borgias, Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey....really NONE OF THESE were on your list and Vampire Diaries is up for best drama??? I guess that's what's wrong with society these days...


NCIS all the way baby give hell yea


All these shows suck


where is supernatural?!


None of these.

David and sabrina 2014

Vampire Diaries is always the best show in the CW and I can't wait for season 4. =)


@drich61 Facebook doesn't prove anything, most people over 25 that do have a facebook account don't update it, also if you go higher, like over 35, they are less and less facebook accouts. Not to mention that I know for a fact that people under 25 tend to have several accounts on FB. So yeah, there are 13 million unique teenagers and young adults on fb who like TVD! (Me included) Even if TVD is the best show on the CW, it still remains a CW show, and the major drama going on in TVD is a love triangle.
it still doesn't compare to the major arc in Fringe, Sons of Anarchy, Suits, Justified, Castle, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and the list goes on.


You know what? That's right Didine, why aren't OUAT and Revenge on here?


Well, Nawty-Angel, someone who bitches THAT much MUST be riddled with angst. After all, rampant criticism is generally a by-product of another primary stressor. I just incorrectly assumed it was due to a precipitous drop in estrogen, but apparently the guy is just a dick. My bad.


Weird how people confuse criticism for angst!

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