FrenEmmy Awards: Supporting Actor in a Drama

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Ready to vote on a new round of FrenEmmy candidates?

TV Fanatic has returned with its first-ever answer to the Emmys, as we're nominating actors, actresses and programs that have somehow flown under the Emmy radar for far too long.

So far, we've asked readers to weigh in on Best Drama, Lead Actor in a Drama and Lead Actress in a Drama. Now we move on to Supporting Actor in a Drama.

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Klaus at the Door

The following stars have never been nominated for Emmy in this category. But one of them will be honored with an inaugural FrenEmmy Award. Who will it be? Click and decide...

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Robert Carlyle. Hands down. But yeah... completely agree with Bored. Not much chance of him winning is there?


Well i'd been truly hoping for Norman Reedus, but since he's not a part of the poll i will say Joseph Morgan. Oh, and just so we are perfectly clear here, i absolutely HATE TVD. Sorry fans but I've tried to watch it but it's just, i don't know, just not for me. HOWEVER....I have been babysitting my younger cousins and they are, well, lets be polite and say VERY a couple of times i watch it with them, just to spend time with them, and i must say the couple i saw with him really impressed me. I hope that his character leaves this show b/c i DON'T like the show, and i really hope to see Mr. Morgan get some real success, and i'd just LOVE to see him in movies, i believe he truly has the talent to excel.


John Noble, and Robert Carlyle because of their talent and not some hotness factor.


Joseph Morgan


Robert Carlyle, with John Noble a close second.


Jomo all the way!!


i can't choose just one from this category.




I don't remember nominating any of these individuals. I find that I am depressed.


Joseph Morgan!

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