Grey's Anatomy Doctors to Be United By Plane Crash?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended with some of the doctors still in danger after the plane crash in which Lexie died. Injured, desperate and hungry, Mark, Meredith, Cristina, Arizona and Derek are still out in the woods.

It was only at the end of the season finale that Owen listened to his messages and learned that the Seattle Grace six never made it to Boise, while the rest of the hospital has yet to find out about the crash.

How will this shape Grey's Anatomy Season 9 come September?

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According to Sarah Drew, at least for her character April, it puts things in perspective. "I do think she is a big enough person to put her own personal trauma aside and rally for the larger group," she told Entertainment Weekly.

When Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended, April failed her boards and was left with a gaping hole as far as her future career prospects were concerned. Given the plane crash that just occurred, those concerns seem minor.

As far as April and Jackson go, she says:

"I hope that [April and Jackson] will just remain very dear friends, regardless of where their relationship takes them. But I don't know - it could be a very interesting love story. But it could also be a complicated one."

Considering what happened out in the forest, that's an understatement. Jackson will be dealing with Lexie's death, and Mark (assuming he lives) will be reeling as well, and may need to lean on his handsome protege.

Basically, any romantic relationship may be on the back burner for awhile ... or will it? Assuming everyone else does make it back alive, tell us what you think will go down in Seattle in the aftermath of the crash.

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I think its horse crap the way the story line is. Owen will step down to spend more time with.Christina. Baily will become the new chief. Alex will take over peds Christina will take over cardio Jackson will take over plastics and the 2new docs will take over Nero. MERIDITH will do what she always does. Nothing but whine. Meredith should have been killed not lexie. Now for izzy
Yes she could come back as one of the medical personnel Alex deserves to be happy and izzy. Can do that. That would be my story line


Derek didn't say "Rose", everyone-he said "I'm frozen." They were basically all getting hypothermia out there. Sorry to say this, but it's stupid to even suggest that he said "Rose". That storyline is long gone and never to be brought up again-especiallly not with Zola in the picture.
Also, I agree with Miranda-Arizona is clearly very, very injured. But Jessica Capshaw has hinted (as well as others) multiple times that she will be back at work on GA in the fall. So maybe it'll be a long road to recovery for her, but I'm pretty sure she's not dying. I think the only one in grave danger is Mark because we don't know where his contract stands. Other than that we should see everyone back. Hopefully Eric Dane has renewed.


I don't get why some people think that Arizona isn't seriously injured. She was coughing up blood.


omg , i don't care about any of them accept Arizona, if she dies am done with ga, i cant believe they killed Lexie wtf!!!!!!!!!!!


Hear whats going to happen everyone will be found and make guick recoveres. They all decide to stay at Seattle Grace. Cristana will be head of Cardio, Alex will turn down John hopkins because he has nobody to be there with him; Mark will found he is not Sopfia's father and leave town and everything will magically be back to normal.

Ga addict13

Continued: Two questions - Where did the rumor that Mer is pregnant come from? And who would want Rose back? She was awful and there is no way Der said her name.

Ga addict13

Lexie's death was terrible - like my friend and I literally are in mourning - but Mark still has a place on the show without her. He has been around since Season 3. He's Derek's bestie, Jackson's mentor, and has Sophia with Calzona. Plus, he's hilarious. If Arizona gets killed, that will be devastating. Just saying. What's Going to Happen:
Owen will be the first to find out about the crash and will go into instant crisis mode. Along with him, Kepner, Avery, Bailey, the Chief (Webber - who will always be 'the Chief'), and Alex are gonna have to do most of the surgeries. Callie will be completely off the deep end and not much help. The rest are either really badly injured - Mark, Der, Arizona - and won't be able to operate. Christina could either have internal injuries or go all badass and operate even though she's a victim. Mer will be useless, as usual, in crisis. Once things cool down, Owen could step down and then Bailey should totally become Chief. She would be the best ever and they've been building towards it for years. Two questions:
Where did the rumor that Mer is pregnant come from? And who would want to see Rose back?? She was awful and there's no way Der said her name.


I hope that they give Mark (and the fans) a while to cool off before they go matching him up with someone else. In my opinion that's only fair but knowing Shonda and Co. they will likely keep him with Julia. I don't mind Julia as it is rare to find someone as accepting of Mark's situation with C & A as she is but she is clearly a far cry from Lexie who was his soulmate. I hope to see April taking Lexie's spot in the program and helping Jackson get through the grieving process of losing Lexie, as I know a part of him still really cared about her. I think the crash will help mend C & O's relationship in realizing that life is short and I know for a fact that the loss of her sister will eventually prevent Meredith from leaving (also Derek potentially losing the job he was offered in Boston because of his hand) and they will want to stay somewhere familiar with the people they love. I also think there will be Bailey/Ben drama and Adele will die; also that Alex will stay because he realizes Arizona saved his life (she prevented him from getting on the plane cause she was mad at him)
PS-The only person on the plane that could potentially die is Mark. The rest are contract safe.


Have to agree with cantguessmyname?? If all the characters had a 'happy ever after' scenarios it would be hard to keep finding interesting SL. I'd love for Mer to be pregnant, but previous SL made it medically difficult for her to conceive. Chyler said that she hopes Mark will move on to find someone, but Chyler wanted there to be some grieving time for Mark to miss Lexie.
Der and Cris' injuries were to their left arms. I think Der SL will involve his hand not healing well. Would he want to stay around Seattle cos Mark falls to pieces cos of Lexie's death? Arizona shouldn't be in the OR that quickly,so Alex replaces her?


k i dont get why people keep thinking everything is going to turn out ok
when has that eveer happened on greys?
personally i think derek will be left unable to operate cos his hand mark will have a major breakdown like derek did in season 5.
as for mer i really dont think she is pregnant but if she is id bet that she'll lose it again
i also think that christina will leave unless meredith can convince her to stay and help her as for owen i cant see much happenning there
but the most probable thing is that what ive just written will turn out to be the most unlikely scenario

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