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Allow me to start with a quick apology and clarification: Leverage Inc. is now based out of Portland, Oregon where the show is being filmed. In last week’s Leverage review I initially said the wrong city. Thank you to all the TV Fanatics who commented and corrected me. I’m glad you’re here.

Now... on to our second offering from Leverage’s new home. This week, the team took on a job involving one of the favorite sports of Boston and Portland: hockey.

First thing I noticed about "The Blue Line Job" was that they didn’t skimp on the guest star. Treat Williams as Otters owner Peter Rising certainly maintained the standard the series set last week on the caliber of talent we can expect to see on Season 5.

Eliot Hits the Ice

Sadly, I know so little about hockey I wasn’t sure if Vladimir Busiak (played by Thure Riefenstein) was a real hockey player or fictional until I looked up the episode afterwards. That said, I really did enjoy Riefenstein as a former partner of Sophie’s and his approval of Nate in their last conversation. 

Did anyone else get a little lost between Risings statement that he was going to declare bankruptcy and the confrontation on the ice? I followed that he had skimmed money from the team; I couldn’t understand how sending it to the bank helped him. Wouldn’t that just put it back into the team’s funds? Or did I miss where he got all the ticket sales?  

The job aside, it was great to see Nate and the team humming along so smoothly. In fact, Parker really stepped up her game this episode, taking the lead on how to get the money out of the lockbox and when. I could get use to “responsible Parker," as it adds a great flare to her character. 

We also got to see a softer side of Elliot again as he talked to Marko about his brothers (military brothers) and having done bad things because they depended on him.  I would love to see another Eliot episode where we get to learn more about his background; maybe Adam Baldwin can turn back up needing a job done and spend more than two minutes in the episode.  

Overall, it was a decent offering with some spectacular views of Portland. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the episode more if I had been a hockey fan. And don’t forget that we have a two-week wait for the next installment, but in the meantime be sure and stop by our Leverage quotes to see if your favorite made the list.


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The case wasn't very exciting but it was semi-original. They don't usually do too good of a job. I liked that Parker had a contingency plan.


I am sure it will get a 6th season. Why invest in the move to Portland? The show just keeps more awesome. Plus Hardison baking those hockey pucks. LOL


I think this is the first time Eliot did not say "Damn it, Hardison." Two things what made me laugh is the magnet Hardison had that destroyed Nate's watch and Sophie claiming she stole the Stanley Cup. The ep returning on August 5th looks great. Just sci fi enough to bug Eliot LOL


Another incredible episode of Leverage! Loved the camera work on the ice as well. The Leverage crew just continues to get better. It's no wonder it's my favorite show.


As a HUGE hockey fan (being from the Northeast how can I not?) I was thrilled when I heard Leverage was doing a hockey episode.. and it did not disappoint!!! This is definitely one of my top 2!! Christian Kane raised his acting to a whole other level!! And of course as a Kaniac I was thrilled at all the Kaneisms that John and Dean throw our way! This show keeps getting better and better! This show had everything, humor, action, and a boatload of touching scenes.. I love that they are slowing giving away bits and pieces of Eliot's previous life. Can't wait to see where this season goes and all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that TNT wises up and gives these guys the 6th season they deserve!


Wanda, Your right, the scene were nobody would fight Marko was short but powerful. It really tied into how much Eliot was taking care of him... :)


Loved this episode. I had been psyched for this one since it was announced but was not prepared for how emotional it would be. As a hockey lover, I really enjoyed seeing Eliot on the ice. And my new favorite line is "People don't come to watch hockey. They come to see blood stains on the ice" My favorite scenes were when Eliot was talking about his past & making bad choices. I also loved the show of respect when no one would fight Marko because of his injuries. This has to be my new favorite episode.


This was an amazing episode. We got to see the dramatic side of the team. I was quite impressed with Eliot on ice!! I also loved where Eliot talks about his past. This is one of my favorite episodes of Leverage. The show just keeps getting better and better, and I already thought it was great! I am looking forward to many more seasons.


I loved this episode even though I'm not a Hockey fan seeing Christian Kane on ice was all I needed to love the show even more then I did. One of the best shows out there. LEVERAGE!!!!!


Loved the show even though I am not a hockey fan.. Loved seeing my favorite Christian Kane on ice! the whole cast was awesome.. Leverage is my favorite show on tv

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Leverage Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Nate: What did you steal?
Sophia: Something hockey related, a certain trophy.
Nate: No, you didn't. Not the Stanley Cup. No I saw it last year in Boston.
Sophie: That was a fake. Not a very good one. No, no no, my engrave was awful.
Nate: Ok, so where's the real one?
Sophie: I don't remember.

Parker: Did I fall asleep again?
Hardison: Yeah.
Parker: How did the movie end?
Hardison: Soiliet Green as people.