Linda Hamilton to Guest Star on Lost Girl Season 3

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Lost Girl moves to Friday night this week, and the Syfy drama has already come out and announced major Season 3 casting news:

Former Terminator star Linda Hamilton will guest star on an upcoming episode of the series, coming on board this fall as Acacia, “a tough, sexy and ruthless assassin who has enjoyed a storied and deadly career," as described in network notes.

Classic Linda Hamilton

Look for Acacia to cause some major trouble for Bo and company.

Lost Girl debuts in its new time slot Friday, wraps up Season 2 on September 14 and then airs Season 3 in 2013.

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i want Bo and Dyson back together... They are the main reason my friends and i watch the show. So does anyone know when or if they are going to get back together ?


i want Bo and Lauren together!!!!! i love this girls!!!
team Lauren for ever!!!


I'm also hoping Bo and Dyson will get back together soon. The show is so boring without their scenes as a couple!


I want bo and lauren together they are hot together.


Bo and Dyson don't get back together. Linda Hamilton is the best name this show has ever booked. Syfy's money is finally coming in handy.


I want Bo and Dyson back together again! Find a way.


"Lost Girl" is actually a CANADIAN series (Showcase, not SyFy). It wrapped season two here some months ago, so it makes sense that casting news for season three is coming out (and bitchin' news this be!)


Just because Bo likes Dyson's new girlfriend doesn't mean I do. When do Bo get Dyson back?