Person of Interest Season 2 Casting Scoop: Margo Martindale, Ken Leung

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Person of Interest is staging a Lost reunion and inviting an Emmy Award winner to stop by.

First, Ken Leung will reunite with his former co-star on the Season 2 premiere, which is set for September 27. No word yet on just what role the actor will portray, though this will mark the third time he's worked with Michael Emerson, counting the aforementioned ABC series and the first Saw movie.

POI Guest Stars

Second, Margo Martindale has booked a role on the second episode of the new season.

Again, no casting details have been provided, but Martindale won an Emmy for her guest turn on Justified Season 3 and most recently appeared in A Gifted Man.

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Can someone please explain why all of EVERYONE'S favorite TV shows come on at the same time on the same two days of the week.


Another Fringe watcher here, so make that eight. So nice to see all us soiallcy maladjusted poindexters coming out of the closet. Finally caught up on Boardwalk Empire. Liking it, except for Van Arsdale am I the only one who finds him a completely jarring cartoon of a character?

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