Rookie Blue Review: Holy Moly!

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How can you go wrong when an episode of Rookie Blue begins with a well-sated looking Andy rolling over in bed and muttering "Holy Moly" to a smugly grinning Sam? I don't think I could have asked for a better way to start "Leap of Faith."

Then it got even better with Nick looking on as Oliver rocked out in the squad car. Even the witness in the back started singing along. Too bad that guy's day was about to get a whole lot worse.

Will Sam Have Nick's Back?

Nick was definitely taking his lumps as a rookie. He looked mortified at having the witness abducted right in front of him. Then when he finally got a break in the case, Jerry and team ran with it, leaving Nick behind looking like a lost little puppy.

The psychic was great - but not because of his ability to lead them to their witness. That was an interesting plot twist, though that's not what got my attention.

I loved his insights into everyone and their relationships. When he first told Andy that Sam wouldn't say I love you back I was a little mad. It just seemed hurtful but in the end it worked out. Andy realized it wasn't what mattered.

The look on Noelle's face when he told her she was having a girl was adorable. It was pure joy. I only hope she's calling her sister now. It sounds like this baby will be coming early.

Jerry surprised me with that proposal in two ways. First off, I didn't think he would be the one jumping in for marriage number two. Then he delivered a line I never thought I'd hear from Jerry in this Rookie Blue quote

 You've just got to believe in the unbelievable. | permalink

So Jerry's more of a romantic than I thought. That said, I still believe the psychic. I don't think these two will make it to the altar.

I was disappointed to see Sue go. Bomb Squad Betty has grown on me this season and although I didn't think she and Dov were a long-term match I expected them to last longer than this. 

After 10 days without seeing one another I suspect that she saw the writing on the wall, but then Dov helped her with her testimony and everything felt so normal. I could understand why Sue was upset. Despite Dov's obvious avoidance, the afternoon spent together had her feeling blindsided by the breakup.

I was impressed with Gail. Her tough love speech was given in quirky Gail fashion but she was truly trying to be a good friend to Dov. I hope that someday these two find their way back to one another. 

Finally, Andy told Sam she loved him... and it didn't matter whether he said it back or not. She needed him to know and it was sweet and funny and McNally looked adorable when she told him. 

And even though Sam didn't return the sentiment in words, he was positively glowing with love and happiness. So with that, my shipper heart is in its happy place. How about yours?


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Sarah silva

This was another great epiosde! I loved the opening scene with Oliver, Nick and then the Witness all singing! It was super funny!
I also like seeing Sam shirtless! I know people are complaining that there was not enough of Sam and Andy being intimate and for me I think the show works great with everything they do! This is not Sex and the City so there will not be a sex scene in every episode!
I knew Traci and Jerry would be just fine and I think it is sweet that he said he had enough faith for the both of them and then she agreed to marry him!


I agree that this was a great episode. And the I love you scene was so Sam/Andy. Even though Sam didn't say it you could see it. Plus, he let her drive the truck, which we all know is love to Sam. Dov, Dov ugh, I've dated your emotional twin and you suck.


It was a great episode... Sam & Andy in bed always a great start to episode :D (I would like to know what Sam did to Andy to make her go OMG & Holy Moly)... Sam saying Moly is not a word - well what did you expect - Did you actually expect Andy to be able to form words in the first place. I really liked the psychic with accurate readings on the rest of the cast, good insight into the backstories we haven't seen on the show, so far in the season. Poor Shaw - Zoe is seeing someone but she was the one that kicked him out. Sam seems to be loosening up his baby (truck) & how he let her keep the extra set of keys, but still not letting her drive the cruiser. The look/smile on his face after Andy said I love you and still 'ordering' her around by telling her to just start the car!


I loved the episode, too. Sam let Andy drive his truck and told her she might as well keep the extra set of keys. If that's not "I love you" in Sam's book, I don't know what is. LOL Everyone was so great in this episode...except Dov. I like that they didn't just gloss over the fact that he killed someone, but to have him get involved with the victim's sister? Hate. It. Don't like it one bit, and I hope that story line goes away fast. I want my sweet, a little bit naive Dov back soon. :(

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