Rookie Blue Season 4 to Add Pair of Series Regulars

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Already renewed for Season 4, Rookie Blue is looking ahead to next summer.

Various sources confirm that the show is seeking two new series regulars, both Canadians, to come on board and play key roles in 2013.

Swarek & Andy Draw Their Weapons

Casting notes describe the impending characters as...

  • Marlo, a "very attractive" female training officer who has been working with SWAT for awhile and is ready to return to the streets.
  • Chloe, an "unpredictable" rookie in her early 20s whose godfather is Lyriq Bent's Frank. She will debut on the second episode of Season 4.

Of course, there's plenty of Rookie Blue Season 3 remaining. A new episodes airs this Thursday night.

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Wheres LUKE!!?? Bring him back for Andy


Please bring andy back in season 4 and please we want to c andy and sam back together otherwise im not watching anymore


Hated that Sam and Andy weren't together by the end of season three. I know there's a lot that'll happen in season four but I hope they end up together!


I also hate the end sam and andy have to be together not with luke and im also not whatch season 4 iff they not come together :(


I love Sam and Andy and I love Rookie Blue but if they don't get back together, I will also not carry on watching Rookie Blue. I wish once that a series will have a couple that stays together. They say I love you and then runs away at the first sine of trouble.


Sam And Andy belong together. They kept you watching and rooting for them. Like many others I will watch the beginning of Season 4, but if Sam and Andy aren't together I doubt I will be watching it for 13 episodes. I just hope the writers hear what the fans of the show have to say and LISTEN!!!!!


So happy that they are coming out with season 4. Not so happy about the end of season 3 and the Andy/Sam situation. They need to get back together. And why do we have to wait until next summer of season 4? Why can't this show be on for regular season? It's the best show on ABC!


I hate the season 3 finale, if they don't get Sam and Andy back together for season 4 I'm not watching rookie blue anymore!


If they don't get Sam and Andy back together at the start of season 4 I will be saying Good Bye to Rookie Blue. They make a great couple and just need to be together. I saw on another site that they want a wedding in season 4, well if this is true then it better be Sam and Andy. Andy needs to stop that car and get to the bar and tell Sam that she loves him too.


i just finished watching the last show of s3 i am not happy at all sam told andy he loves her and will do anything to show her and she leaves again like she did last summer.. i hope she stops the car and goes back to him.. im sorry enough..... they need to be together they are good together and they both love each other.. why are the writers doing this.. i will watch the first episode of season 4 and if she left and he is with someone else i will not be watching it anymore... i only watch it for them . so if the writers have any brains they will have them together