Rookie Blue Season 4 to Add Pair of Series Regulars

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Already renewed for Season 4, Rookie Blue is looking ahead to next summer.

Various sources confirm that the show is seeking two new series regulars, both Canadians, to come on board and play key roles in 2013.

Swarek & Andy Draw Their Weapons

Casting notes describe the impending characters as...

  • Marlo, a "very attractive" female training officer who has been working with SWAT for awhile and is ready to return to the streets.
  • Chloe, an "unpredictable" rookie in her early 20s whose godfather is Lyriq Bent's Frank. She will debut on the second episode of Season 4.

Of course, there's plenty of Rookie Blue Season 3 remaining. A new episodes airs this Thursday night.

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If they make Marlo a love interest for Sam Rookie Blue is off my summer viewing list after this season. I will watch the remaining episodes of season three to see if there is any chance of Sam & Andy staying together if not I am done I will miss Sam & Andy.If the writers think that the McSwarek shippers want to see either Sam or Andy with other people they are kidding themselves.


I don't know why anyone would want to be with Sam. He is so beyond ugly. I feel bad for Andi having to like him. I prefer he much more with her Sam from Reaper. They were much better together. None of the guys on Rookie Blue are attractive. Lyric is the only one I might consider good looking. We need some nice Asian rookies. They need to spice up the department.


Yes, Kathryn I agree that some of the fans are panicking prematurely. There is this one person over at another Rookie Blue message board I go it that is like a dog with a bone over this news they have Sam sleeping with Marlo and Andy jumping into bed with some other guy who I don't know. It sort of gets on my nerves I'm sorry for the bluntness of that but it does.


I don't think the writers should go that direction... now mabey i'm just sayin that cause i'm a sam/andy fan but still i just dont think they should do ANOTHER love triangle.


In a fan forum someone got info on casting clips that the actresses have to act out for the part and one of the clips has "marlo" hitting on sam. We dont know if this is a true script but fans are specualting that this new character "marlo" is going to be into sam.


What scene are u guys talking about where marlo hits on sam? I'm confused?


I agree that the potential love interest for sam would not work, he's loved andy for all of season 2 and prob some of season 1, so keep it real folks, Ben has already stated sam is a one girl guy, so keep him that way, and keep the millions of sam and andy happy.


I think this news, plus some leaked casting calls has fans panicking prematurely, just like the false rumor about casting Nick as a potential love interest for Andy turned out to be much ado about nothing. Even if they keep the scene where Marlo kind of hits on Sam, we have no idea if she knew about Andy at that point or how Sam reacts. Plus, everyone kind of liked the idea of Andy being the jealous one for a change during the whole prolonged Sam is pining phase. This could be fun if it's not turned into another full-blown love triangle. I'm not psyched at all by that prospect either.

Sarah silva

Tassie Cameron I am a Canadian! If you are reading this, where do I go to audition??


This is great news. I love the cast of Rookie Blue, but it's always great to shake the cast up. However, I wonder if this means they'll be killing someone off or if someone is departing?
Speaking of departures, where has Luke gone? It's like he literally disappeared.

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