Scandal Season 2 Spoilers: Who is Quinn Perkins?

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Scandal Season 2 premieres on Thursday, September 27. And leading in to the return of this fun Shonda Rhimes drama, many viewers have a single question on their minds:

Who the heck is Quinn Perkins?

When we last left Olivia Pope and company, they learned that Katie Lowes' character was NOT who she had claimed to be, leaving a major mystery for fans to ponder all summer long. Fortunately, the wait will end in just a few weeks: we'll learn the identity of Perkins on the upcoming premiere. From there...

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"That question spins us into a new, larger scandal that we're following," Rhimes tells TV Guide. "The question becomes: What happened to Quinn Perkins to make her this way and who was responsible?"

Lowes, meanwhile, tells the publication that the reveal is "like nothing you can imagine."

Elsewhere, Tony Goldwyn spoke to Entertainment Weekly and teased what's to come with his President Grant, who was shocked by Olivia's solution to his sex scandal at the conclusion of Scandal Season 1.

“Fitz is totally heartbroken and, I think, betrayed,” Goldwyn says. “He’d obviously made a decision; he was ready to resign the presidency and be with the woman he loved. Olivia and his wife stole that from him. They pulled the rug out from under him and [now] he hates her.”

But, of course, he also loves her. And that isn't changing any time soon. Previews the actor:

"That magnetic pull will certainly bring them together in some way - and I don’t know how yet.”

Count us among those who can't wait to find out.

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Scandal please return soon, I am having painful withdrawals!


I hate to hear Steve won't be in season 2, regardless of his role he seemed a crucial part of the team.


Well I hope they will and I read somewhere they will explain what happen to Steven (Henry). A time jump can be about 5 minutes, the all walk back into the office Steven leaving to do something, even go to the car to fetch something vital to the case and never come back, they only find the car... nice mystery itself he is gone they search for him, he can be dead or come back if the PTB decide so....
I am really looking forward to the new season!
Personally I do not care about the skin color of anybody, or in this case of an actor, if they do a good job they do and here on this show they do and it fits perfectly!


So how is Shonda a bad guy for noticing she won't be using him? They are premiering in the fall and she obviously wanted him to be able to get other jobs. I applaud her for at least coming to him instead of wasting his time unlike other showrunners, who go a whole season of claiming good things for her actors but not giving to them and then wasting the studio's money giving them money for two minute screentime.


I'm really looking forward to Scandal! I love Olivia and Fitz together and I can't wait to see where they go from last season's finale. And I wonder if the whole season 2 scandal will revolve around Quinn. That'd be pretty interesting! Something like what they did with the Amanda Tanner storyline.


@Whateva: Actually, Shonda approached him and asked him if he wanted to leave as she didn't feel she could give hiw enough material and thought he deserved better. Real shame to be honest. I really enjoyed the friendship between Olivia and him.


Sa'ad why do you assume she got rid of him? From I got it was his decision to leave and she was okay with it. You both act like his character was central to the plot and he wasn't and from the looks of it, he wasn't going to be a priotrity in these next 10 episodes either. While it was nice t have him I am happy they realize they weren't going to be utilize Cusack to the best of their abilities and open him up to be get other opportunities unlike some other showrunners who keep actors on payroll because their so beautiful but virtually give them nothing to do.


There is def gonna be a time jump, there is no word that he came back to do any new scenes, so it will have to start with the aftermath and then they'll tell us in flashbacks or dialogue recaps who she really is and what happened to Stephen aka Henry Ian Cusick. I really don't understand why they got rid of him, his character was a gold mine!


I just really hope they explain the absence of Henry Ian Cusick WITHOUT a time jump. I'm sick of Shonda and her bloody time jumps. How hard is it to get an actor to appear in an episode for a mere 2 minutes?


Seriously? TVFANATIC YOU HAVE THE WORST HEADLINES EVER. There was no spoilers mentioned at all. We always knew we will find out immediately who she is...

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