Shonda Rhimes Teases Forest Flashback, Love Interest for Alex

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Note to Grey's Anatomy viewers who are upset over the impending departure of Eric Dane:

Shonda Rhimes has some good news, and it has to do with a couple of major piece of male eye candy.

“The loss of ‘McSteamy’ is going to leave a giant hole in our world in terms of - for lack of a better phrase - man whore-ness," the creator tells EW in a new interview, explaining her solution:

"I’ve told the actors who play Alex and Jackson [Chambers and Williams] that we need some leading men here. We need to add to that pool, and they’re going to step up."

Pink Scrubs in the House

In what regard?

Look for a new love interest to be cast for Alex and for the series to really explore the "funny and sexy" dynamics of Jackson and April, Rhimes said.

She also previewed the unusual structure of the first couple Season 9 episodes, saying she wanted to tackle this tragedy in a different way than the hospital shooting from a few seasons ago.

"When we start the season, we are ahead enough in time where we see the outcome of lots of things. And in the second episode of the season, there’s rewind - we go backwards - to where they’re still in the forest. So you see what happened and in the next episode, you see how we get there. That was a really great experiment for us, and we think it turned out really really well."

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 premieres on September 27.

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Hate Hate Hate that they killed off Lexie:( I was looking forward to her and Mark Sloan finally getting together. She had such a tough struggle and it was a great story line for her and Mark to get back together, they were the next Meredith/Derick. I have been a Grey's fan since the beginning, but am thinking I might not watch anymore. It is getting really dumb and they keep characters that are not even good (April), she is really annoying and I think we could all do without her! I can't believe they let her live over Lexie, ugh....


It would be out of character for Mark to just up and leave Sophia but who would have ever thought that Meredith would be written to be stupid enough to remove a tumor when she was told not to. For seven seasons she's been written to be exceptionally brilliant and then they have her make a bonehead move like that. I believe anything is possible in shondaland.


..I really hope that April would be the new love interest....she is the only one to whom he has been building something (in a totally Karev's way!!) since Izzie left. Plus I noticed that he approached her differently in the last two episodes...And they make me think about a possible love triangle several times this season. Lastly, it would definetely be funny and sexy and good from Japril's pov too.


I wonder if Arizona loses her leg?? There seeems to be no talk about her and I don't think she would be leaving it would be just wrong to kill off two of Sophia's parents, so I am really wondering if she loses her leg.


If Mark is leaving the show my thoughts are he will die. I don't see him leaving off intp parts unknown. He is a father, he LOVES Sophia, he wanted his own child more than anything, so he would never leave her willingly, it's not in his nature. He will die of he leaves and I'm fine with that, he and Lexie can be together then.


All I care about is how much I'm gonna miss Lexie :(


can the "new love interest" for alex be IZZIE?!?! i miss izzie, she was always one of my favorite characters. it would be so interesting for her to come back and see where she was all this time and for her and alex to get back together. please bring her back! she was the best. katherine heigel said she wouldn't mind coming back! so please bring her back!!!


How in the hell April can live and Lexie die? Too wrong. Characters switched. Lexie should be IN and April should be OUT. I still mute my volume when April-the-irritating-one comes on screen. :( I can't stand her man...


So strange that they are going backwards. The first episode is like the third in the timeline and the third the first? Weird. I don't know how that's gonna work. How do you make an episode exciting when the viewers already know what happens after that episode? Anyway, I'm looking forward to ALL the episodes of the new season! Especially the ones where we see what happens in the forest!


I love April on Grey's and can't wait to see hers and Jackson's storyline in Season 9. Also psyched about the new young characters added to the show. In with the new and out with the old boring originals is my motto.

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