Shonda Rhimes Teases Forest Flashback, Love Interest for Alex

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Note to Grey's Anatomy viewers who are upset over the impending departure of Eric Dane:

Shonda Rhimes has some good news, and it has to do with a couple of major piece of male eye candy.

“The loss of ‘McSteamy’ is going to leave a giant hole in our world in terms of - for lack of a better phrase - man whore-ness," the creator tells EW in a new interview, explaining her solution:

"I’ve told the actors who play Alex and Jackson [Chambers and Williams] that we need some leading men here. We need to add to that pool, and they’re going to step up."

Pink Scrubs in the House

In what regard?

Look for a new love interest to be cast for Alex and for the series to really explore the "funny and sexy" dynamics of Jackson and April, Rhimes said.

She also previewed the unusual structure of the first couple Season 9 episodes, saying she wanted to tackle this tragedy in a different way than the hospital shooting from a few seasons ago.

"When we start the season, we are ahead enough in time where we see the outcome of lots of things. And in the second episode of the season, there’s rewind - we go backwards - to where they’re still in the forest. So you see what happened and in the next episode, you see how we get there. That was a really great experiment for us, and we think it turned out really really well."

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 premieres on September 27.

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KH is trying to salvage a film career, not return to GA permanently. She missed that boat last season when there was no interest in her guest starring.
AS long as any love interest doesn't include that intern whos had the crush on him last season, I don't care


Yes! I'm so happy for April and Jackson! I really like them as a couple (though i am kind of sad the MarkxJackson dynamic will be gone... their moments on the show were the most precious)
As for Alex...Of course i don't want Iz to come back. Alex had enough drama in his personal life. What i want for him is a simple romance. Morgan imo would be a fine choice. Yes, their relationship last season was not romantic in any way, but the chemistry is there, the tenderness is there...It could work.


I kinda hope they are killing off Mark, cause in my mind that means they can't kill off Arizona. That's just cruel to Callie, killing both. Besides, in my opinion, Mark just can't up and leave Callie and his kid. He loves Sofia and to me it doesn't make sense that he could leave them. Anyway, having Mark die gives him and Lexie that tragic romantic reunion we all want. In saying that, I WAS acutally disappointed that Eric Dane decided to leave.
Not sure whether it would be good or bad for Izzie to come back - in all honesty, I think that ship has sailed for Alex, and bringing Izzie back will just confuse his plotline. I really want a happy ending for Alex :(


ER might have done the same, I don't think it makes it ok for Grey's Anatomy. While George's death was unexpected, because no one could have guessed he was John Doe and Izzie was dying too at the same time, the deaths in season 8 were expected and rushed through bad writing. Lexie dies very quickly in the last episode and I still can't get over the lousy dialogue she has with Mark. It was hearbreaking because she was dying but I almost wanted to laugh at what they were saying. Is it only me that thinks it the writing of the last episode was a total shame compared to the other seasons finale ?


Also when it came to the exceptions ABC had more of a hand in those firings than Shonda herself. I recall Shonda wanting to keep Washington but he repeated his remark about Knight at GG, so her hands was tied. And people who get upset over the deaths, ER which people claim is more realistic killed a large amount of characters off and most of those deaths were in the most ridiculous ways.


With the exception of Isaiah Washington and that lady who played Erica, most of the actors people who are bitching about Shonda giving the boot chose to leave. T.R. Knight wanted to be let go, we all known Heigl thought she was going to big behind movie star left on her own accord messing up the storyline in season 6, Kim Raver and Chyler left on their own accord and Eric Dane, whose actually been up in the air for two seasons is leaving on his own accord (I mean do people not paid attention to reports, Dane has alot of personal stuff going on). Hell Dempsey wanted to leave so he could drive his cars more. While I am upset Dane leaving as I did want Mark to be able to find happiness again, I am okay with it. Also the original cast is fine, that was stated before the finale aired.


And I want a Mewidith doll, a kick ass Cwistina doll, an Alex doll cos he be so cute and get tweated so bad by Shonda, and a Zola doll, and and heeheehee


As for Alex's love interests, Addison was never a love interest. She was a call room hook-up. A one time thing. I didn't see Morgan as a love interest either, rather more of a "let's show how much Alex has grown in eight years" into a fine and caring doctor. That being said, Ava/Rebecca, Izzie and Lucy were love interests, with not a lot of time to build on Lucy like the other two. The guy deserves to have a serious love interest,that will love and accept him. He's been treated like crap for the entire duration of this show. As for Mark, I think he's gonna die. I think that in some twisted way, Shonda feels like she owes the Slexie fans some kind of reconciliation and the only way to get that is for them to be together in heaven or wherever. His leaving sucks.


Heigl left to be a big movie star, which did not happen, now she wants back,no thank you. Alex is not pining for Izzie, it was because George's mother came to the hospital it reminded him of George, his rival and that made him think of her, I didn't get the impression that he missed her. I think he needs to move forward with another woman. As for Jackson and April, I guess there is nothing else you can do with either one of them. Meredith, obviously, will be devastated by the loss of Lexie and Derek will help her through it. Mark will recover and move back to New York. Cristina will continue to be kick-ass surgeon and will eventually become Chief of Cardio, she is only a Fellow right now and cannot be yet. Hunt needs to move on and have the Chief title taken away from him and given back to the one and only Chief Richard.


*previous my comment got cut off* KH fought to leave the show. She acted like she'd rather be anywhere else than on the GA set, she gave the writers a really hard time and now that she lost much of her fanbase and her movie career tanked, she wants to return to win back some of the fans she lost? LOL, no. If Shonda has any sense she'll never let KH anywhere near the GA set.

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