Teen Wolf Review: Plan B, Be Lydia

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Teen Wolf has a tendency to keep information from its viewers, to be secretive in order to create more suspense. But "Restraint" was the first time that the series made an overt attempt to be confusing.

The ending to this week's installment, where Lydia met up with the mysterious boy who ended up being alpha wolf Peter Hale, was extremely successful at confounding viewers in an almost Christopher Nolan-esque fashion.

Snake Eye

Not to the lengths or the depths that Nolan takes movies like Inception or The Prestige, but for one plot of a very busy television series, this thing probably did a number on most minds.

Is Peter alive? Is Lydia imagining him? Is she imagining the boy? Was that Peter as a teenager? What is his plan B? Is it to bring him back to life? How is she hearing him if he's dead? These questions, and probably a million more, were most likely running through everyone's head while watching these final moments of "Restraint."

It was a new and interesting step to take for Teen Wolf, and as long as things are cleared up relatively quickly, and moments like this don't happen time and time again, I think it was a great decision. These "what the heck is going on?" situations are great in small doses. You just don't want to melt away the brains of the audience by doing it every week.

Maybe I'm completely off-base, but my thoughts are that Peter is in fact dead, but Lydia is special. She is special in that she is immune. She's special in that she can communicate with Peter (or all dead alphas, or all dead super naturals). She's also special in that she can bring him back to life with that wolf's bane, which is Peter's plan b.

What did you all make of that crazy scene? What am I missing? Where am I completely wrong?

The great thing about this week's Teen Wolf is that there was almost an entire action packed, fun filled episode, before we even got to that mind jumble of an ending.

The fight against the kanima continued, as Scott and company challenged it from the outside, and Jackson battled the creature from within.

At one point, somewhere between eating an entire snake and giving Allison the death stare while stark naked in the shower, I thought Jackson's character had completely left us. He had gone total villain, and no redeemable qualities remained. Then, while tackling Allison in the boys' locker room - still naked mind you - Jackson snapped back into it. He realized something was wrong, and my faith in his redemption sometime in the future was restored.

This monster within Jackson has taken control of him, but once it is defeated, I think Jax will have time to make up for the atrocities he has been responsible for as of late.

Can't we all feel a little bad for the kid? He did have a snake slip out of his eyeball. I mean, talk about SNAKE EYES! Screw "knowing," I think even G.I. Joe would agree that having to endure that is "half the battle."

Meanwhile, there was all of that action with the pregnant woman, and her run in with the kanima. Was THAT a flashback or not? Was that Jackson inside of her? It seemed to resemble the story of Jackson and his real parents that Erica, Scott and Stiles cooked up, but Mrs. McCall looked the same age, so it's tough to say.

Speaking of Erica, is anyone else on Team Stilica? Sterica? What should we call the blossoming couple? Am I the only one ready for them to hook up? She DID have a crush on him before her makeover, and she DID say he made a good Batman. The question remains whether or not Stiles would go for anyone other than Lydia. I wish I had that tough decision.

"Restraint" also had a great fight between Scott and Jackson - filled with smashed sinks and thrown weight plates - Mrs. McCall finding a condom box with only one left inside, and Mrs. Argent threatening Scott with a pencil sharpener.

Things finished up with Scott agreeing to join forces with Derek to capture Jackson, not kill him. Will Derek keep his word when it comes down to it? Or will he be out for blood? Although the Peter/Lydia thing is undoubtedly on all of our minds, it's safe to say that dealing with the kanima is the most important thing for our heroes to in the near future.

What did you all think of this week's Teen Wolf? Was it just as awesome as ever?  Did you know exactly what was going on with Lydia and Peter, or were you as confused as I was? Sound off in the comments, and don't forget to follow @TeenWolfTVF for some great live tweet sessions during the episodes!


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I believe Peter's "Plan A" was to be a powerful Alpha over a big pack, not to kill other wwolves - maybe I'm remembering it wrong. He could try to use Lydia to kill Derek, but he can't take over the pack as an Alpha through her b/c she's immune to the bite. (Even if he is possessing her mind, I assume her body would have to take the bite to be an Alpha.) If Peter's objective for "Plan B" is only to get revenge on Derek, then okay. But if he wants revenge AND power, then Lydia can't do both. I'm thinking they're either gonna have to create some way for her to be an Alpha without the bite or "Plan B" will be a total game changer...


WTH is goin on!!!first of all the mysterious guys or Young peter hale is very cute!!!and i hate JACKSON FUCKING KANIMA DIGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT SNAKE!!i think the gerald aka snake old man is the master,100%it is!!and MAMA ARGENT she looks like one huge ugly bitch!!!and DEREK!!so hot!!


It is kind of obvious that Lydia will kill the alpha. Because the guy Lydia talked to that was the old alpha had a plan a, to kill any other wolves. And now plan b is for Lydia to kill him. That is why she had the wolves bane in her hand.


@Olivianicoleee: I think Lydia is seeing the Alpha because he bit her and she was immune. Somebody said that in werewolf lore, a person who was bitten and didn't change became a "familiar" to the alpha and the alpha could do things thru them. If he's in her head, he probably projected a younger version of himself to be less intimidating and get her to listen to him since she wouldn't listen to the gory looking adult version. I don't see how he can physically come back (he's buried under the house), but looks like he's finally gotten Lydia where he wants her and will use her for "Plan B", whatever that is. Does anybody here have any ideas what Peter is up to?


I am pretty much convinced that Gerrard is the Master. The comment saying he would be old enough, and knows enough about the shape shifters to control Jackson and warn Alison about Scott makes total sense. As for the whole Lydia/old Alpha episode i called the kid being a fake from the beginning but i have no idea whats going on and how she sees the old alpha.


@Amanda: BTW, I think you may be right about Mom Argent being the kanima master. Either her or Gerrard (gramps) - they are both evil schemers and Dad Argent is not in running imo b/c he's the most straight-laced hunter in that family. Gotta be an insider who knows about the werewolves and, more importantly, someone who doesn't want her with Scott. Mom Argent fits the bill, but we'll see...


For the record, I didn't pick Jackson as the kanima, so I could be totally wrong about this, but... I doubt Matt (camera guy) or Mr. Harris are the kamina master - I think it's an Argent. It appears the death of the couple in the beginning of the last ep was supposed to show us how future kaminas are selected. Matt and Mr. Harris are both too young to have directed the deaths of Jackson's folks - that person would now be a bit older, like Gerrard. Another reason I believe the master is an Argent is b/c of what he/she made Jackson say to Allison in the locker room - telling her that she isn't safe with Scott and that he will join Derek's pack, etc. - neither Matt nor Mr. Harris would know of those things. Matt doesn't even know what Scott is or why his eyes glow when his pic is taken. An Argent would, though. Something to think about - just sayin!!


@Luna....omg I totally thought of breakfast club too!!


@twsizz DO you remember the cartoon show "A Pup Named Scooby-doo" they had a kid called Red Herring. The science teacher still could be the master but I think he is kinda like Red, he is meant to be suspicions.


how are you all still this blind? the kanimas controller is the chemistry teacher because te bumper stickers were the same in this episode and the one two weeks ago. same quote on the bumper sticker and same car same color....

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