Will Serena Turn it Around on Gossip Girl?

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Serena van der Woodsen is headed down a very dark and lonely road, as we saw in May's season finale, but is there hope for our fair heroine in Gossip Girl Season 6, the final chapter of the CW series?

According to TV Line, things may soon be looking up for the drug-addled, friendless basket case.

Blake Lively's character will reportedly be getting "a major new love interest for the sixth and final season, one with the potential to sweep her off her feet and ride her… off into the sunset."

Interesting. Are you excited about that? Or would you prefer to see her with Dan? Or Nate?

Sound off on how you think Serena's downward spiral - and eventual turnaround - will play out, as well as who you think they'll introduce and who you'd like to see her end up with, in the comments.

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Serena and Nate; Chuck and Blair.


Dan and Serena were without a doubt the most interesting, romantic, and compelling couple on Gossip Girl. They shared a chemistry unlike any other couple on the show. I have watched the show from day one, and every season it has been like torture waiting for them to reunite. I really hope the writers put them back together for the last season. I also hope that the final season goes back to the way the first season was, because in my opinion that was the best and most developed season of all.


I wish for dan and serena to be together ! they are perfect for each other and love each other deep down. In the end they should be together. It would be for the best. They are the cutest together on the show definitely. :)


Serena and a new lover... shocker!!! The writers are looking for one last chance to screw over the fans. Give Serena a big solo storyline, so she can take her bow as a strong, independent woman, she deserves so much!! I'll be upset if she ends up with Dan, he doesn't deserve her love. He deserves to be lonely(boy). Or maybe he should be with Georgina, that way he will get the appropriate payback for being such a jerk towards Serena, and for all the trouble he caused between Chuck and Blair. XOXO


I say Nate and Serena! Dan loves blair! he made that clear and even though Blair didn't choose him i still don't think he should run back Serena just not to be alone first thats just not like him second have we forgotten how many times Serena and Dan broke up EVERY SEASON!!!!! i think Dan going off and doing big things with his life and writing that would be the best send off! Dan isn't part of this life! Never has been and he realized he didn't want too once he graduated but by then he cared for people, but once his career is big and he sees that he wont want any more ties i think this book he is writing is going to be his goodbye to being part of the mix and that would be the best ending for him! as LONLEYBOY! (plus lets not forget how it ended for Serena's mom and his dad)Nate and Serena are the main reason this show started! and they belong together best friends and always their for each other and he should be the one to save her like the many times before! plus Dan doesn't know this Serena!


serena and nate i believe should be together


@Kellhy Gossip girl did not start with Nate and Serena it technically started by GG saying 'Lonely boy, can't believe the love of his life has returned' something along them lines and then SERENA being the next person on the camera in Central station. Dan and Serena also met in episode one and in which she told Nate 'I didn't come back for you'
Serenate endgame for me wouldn't be the end of the world, but at the same time what would have been the point in giving Dan and Serena all them SL together for nothing? Surely if they had a serenate endgame in mind it'd have been nate with serena in season 1&2, Nate who serena goes to in the last ep of s3, Nate who she chooses in s4, anddd Nate who she tells was the love of her life and sleeps with in s5. But it was Dan so it'd make a lot more sense for a Derena endgame than a Serenate one.
Don't get me wrong I loved Serenate in the books, but on screen they just don't seem as believable, more like really good friends.
I think end of s6, Derena will be together again, or one of them will end up alone (Probably Dan) and the other with a random (probably a guest star) Thats how I see it panning out


DERENA! Don't dissapoint our dan club, please! All we want is for dan and serena to be together!


I don't get why people want serena to be with nate? Everytime nate get's a girlfriend and breaks up with them, he's with a new one straight away. Dan and serena are the perfect couple please make them be together, it's really gunna break my heart if they arent, Dan and serena love each other deep down :(


This has got me so frustrated, all those sparks with dan over the passed years on gossip girl, they both fell in love on the movie and in real life. All I want is for dan to be with serena. Nate with jenny or vanessa, Chuck with blaire. I'm sick of them bringing in guest stars it's all too much I think they should stick on the original characters, and I just want dan and serena to be together- My one wish

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