90210 Season 5 Promo: More to Love

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There will be more to love on 90210 Season 5.

So teases the first official promo for upcoming episodes, as The CW has released a video that features, among other scenes:

  • Adrianna in bed with a guy... who doesn't know her name.
  • Navid asking Teddy after fathering Silver's child.
  • Naomi and Max in jail.

90210 returns on October 8 and will celebrate a 100th episode this season that involves Carmen Electra. For more of a look at what's to come, click Play:

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whens it out in the uk on e4? is it 2012 or 2013???


When is it out in the uk on e4?


can't wait to see Maxomi, tho i have a feeling that my fav couple is going to be screwed up this season. ;(


this show has a LOT of lame story lines, but Naomi has some sort of magic powers that always make me watch the show anyway.. I love you Anna Lynne McCord!!!


Can't wait!!! :)


Hahahaha Malibu has the best view... I love the naomi show I Mean 90210! Omg is it october yet?!


Adrianna is entitled to that after thinking Dixon stood her up, but I'm not looking forward to the whole "Dixon, I slept with someone!" and then he gives her the cold shoulder like he did with Ivy back in season 3.
As for Navid, Liam and Teddy on the beach, am I meant to care at this point? I used to live Silver, but the writers have screwed her character. It's like she couldn't get the gay one, so she thought having a baby with him would at least allow her to get something.
As for Max and Naomi, were they getting married? Ausiello reported a marriage on a show for The CW this fall, so I hope it's them!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.