Alex to Find True Love on Grey's Anatomy?

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When Grey's Anatomy Season 9 begins next month, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) will be back to his old ways.

In other words, when it comes to love, he'll still be "a dog sleeping around," says creator Shonda Rhimes.

He certainly hasn't been lucky in the romance area since Izzie left, but that may soon turn around.

"This is the season I want to see Alex find true love - his person to land with," Rhimes says.

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There are certainly more avenues for writers to take this complex character, whose dark childhood and drug-addict father have played a major role in influencing who he is, for better or worse.

Who do you think Alex should/will find love with? Share your comments below ...

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@ Spookypaws : there is no confirmation about Grey's Anatomy ending next year... ? As far as I know, only Private Practice will be cancelled.


I like the Amelia idea as well, but sadly, they probably won't cross the two shows over since they're both ending next year.


Please make is a new character. No old ones, give us some fresh talent please.


IZZIE! I really think that was his one true love to be honest. Watching the old episodes, the two of them never really got a chance to be fully happy. First, he cheated on her with Olivia, then Denny the ghost happened, then the cancer, then she left him. It just wasn't fair and I don't think they got a real shot to be happy together. But I highly doubt that will happen...maybe since the actress who played Lucy, show got cancelled, maybe she'll return? I just feel like he deserves someone to make him happy and resolved.


I love the Amelia idea. They've both had their share of heartaches. They're both good people. But let the relationship grow slowly and turn into something intense. None of this hot on the spot then fizzles down to nothing stuff.


I don't want Izzie back for Alex either. I liked the couple they made, but now, it's over, and after all, Cristina had got a new love with Owen after Burke is gone. Why couldn't Alex also have it? Like SookieOO, I quite liked Lucy with Alex and think they could have made a good couple. Lucy was able to kick his ass and at the same time to understand hime. I was sad that she stealed his job in Africa, but they had to make an ending in order that the actress could leave the show. I would want a similary story for Alex in the 9. season with a new character.


I know I'm probably in the minority here but in no way what so ever do I want izzie back for alex. Shes hurt him time and time again. Izzies true love went away when denny died. Alex was never it for her. I hope he gets a nice journal woman whos not afraid to kick his ass when it's needed. He is my favorite character and deserves to be happy. If we HAD tip have a character we already know I'd say amelia. Addys taken.


It's about time for Alex to get some storyline.Hope it last more than 1 or 2 episodes.So,Izzie has no chance anymore,which I personally like very much.The whole Izzie fiasco was a mistake,they never strike me as two people made for each other,the chemistry between them was next to zero,JMO.It's time for Alex to move on,he said it himself:"Izzie is gone!"


Alex is my fave and I want him to be happy still I want to see him only with Izzie I can't explain that this is a feeling but while he is with any other girl it does not seems ''true love'' to me. He have always loved Iz, And even if they give him a new love interest, it probably would not be an end for their storyline. I can't see they're bringing Izzie back for now, too BUT I still hope and I don't care if It's another person, because if it is, this probably won't work, too I don't mean to be biassed, but I know at least this won't work for me.


I really hope that Izzie and Alex get back together again. I feel they belong together. But his probably won"t happen. I have a feeling that KA won't be returning to GA but I can always dream. We lost Lexie and Mark and might as well face the possibilty that Izzie is gone for good.

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