Alex to Find True Love on Grey's Anatomy?

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When Grey's Anatomy Season 9 begins next month, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) will be back to his old ways.

In other words, when it comes to love, he'll still be "a dog sleeping around," says creator Shonda Rhimes.

He certainly hasn't been lucky in the romance area since Izzie left, but that may soon turn around.

"This is the season I want to see Alex find true love - his person to land with," Rhimes says.

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There are certainly more avenues for writers to take this complex character, whose dark childhood and drug-addict father have played a major role in influencing who he is, for better or worse.

Who do you think Alex should/will find love with? Share your comments below ...

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I would love it to be Izzy but I dont think they are bringing her back! It will probably be one of the new doctors.


I actually also think Lucy and Alex would have made a great couple but after what she did - stealing the job in Africa from him - am not sure that's possible...


This may be a longshot. But if it's not Izzie, i wouldn't mind Alex and Amelia, Derek's little sister, seeing each other.


bring back izzie


Best route I think is to kill Izzie off-screen so Alex and officially move on. Bring back Callie's OB, what was her name? Her and Alex were good together.


Hopefully April!!!!!! She is not with Jackson yet...And the writers have built up a slow story for them...April makes Alex a better person and he does the same with her. I ship them sooooooo much!!!!


Izzie, nobody else!!!!!!


I agree that bringing back Izzie is the best choice seeing as he was still carrying on about her back when George's mom visited the hospital. However, I do agree with the fact she did cause him a lot of heartbreak. Nevertheless, if Katherine Heigl wants a guest spot then bring her back and provide closure to Alex for him in order to move on. I can't buy it on any other level unless Izzie and Alex admit to not loving one another anymore.


I don't want izzie to come back. This girl has caused so many pains for alex. I was Alex and Izzie shipper since in the beginning of season 2, then I wasn't at the end of season 2, even though one of my favorite moment in GA was Alex and Izzie wedding. I don't it to be morgan. No, just no. I hate Morgan the most. I hope the actress who plays morgan didn't return in season 9. Whoever it's gonna be, I hope Karev will get the woman that he deserves. Alex Karev is one of my favorite, seeing him in pains, often, it's not easy. I agreed with that option number 4, a guest star that will become a regular. Beside, how many season Grey's has left? I hope Alex' true is a doctor too.


I don't think it's gonna be Izzie, cause well she's not back and also I suppose that after all, she's not Alex's true love.
Either it'll be a doctor or it'll be a guest star that we'll see only every now and then (like Julia for Mark).
Maybe there is no need to make that person be a series regular, after all, how many more seasons is gonna Grey's Anatomy last ?

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