Breaking Bad Review: Into Dark Territory

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This was mostly a typical episode of Breaking Bad Season 5.

There was the great attention to detail in the team's plan to steal the Methylamine. There was Walt's manipulation of a family member for personal gain, this time Hank. There was moments of dark humor (We're robbing a train!).

And then there was a gun shot. And then a cut to credits. And then... damn. Did that really happen?!?

Worried Jesse

It's been an overriding theme of Breaking Bad since Walt started to go Scarface: consequences have actions.

Sometimes they are as indirect and unplanned as the Season 2 plane crash, and sometimes they really should have been obvious for a team running a statewide drug ring. You can't just cook, distribute and count your money without involving a host of people into your lives, some of whom might just be riding by on a bicycle.

It's also been an overriding theme that Walter White will deny - both to himself and to anyone who will listen; his speech to open Season 3, explaining to the gym full of kids why that plane crash actually wasn't a big deal, was one of the show's more chilling, shocking moments - his responsibility for these consequences.

And I have no doubt that will be the case here again. He didn't fire the shoot that killed that boy. Heck, he didn't even tell Todd to do it. It was merely an accident and let's just move on to selling product again.

But Jesse? We know his attachment to kids. We know this will affect him in the same way that many past incidents have driven him to drugs and drinking and blasting music throughout his house.

Will he go to such personal levels of destruction following the events - event, really - on "Dead Freight?" I doubt it. Only because the show has been there before.

But will he really question this whole drug pin business? I'm sure. And how will that sit with Walt, who two episodes referenced Victor as a clear threat to anyone who gets in the way of his selling? And who last week said nothing - and he means nothing - will slow down the operation? That will be the real question to close out this summer.

There's also the question of Todd and just who the heck this child-killer is. Questions should have been asked awhile ago about the entire pest control crew with whom Walt and company have so willingly gotten into criminal bed. Wasn't that Mike's job? To run background? We're in for another Walt vs. Mike showdown, that's for sure.

Just another person for Walt to blame this on.

Overall, in usual/amazing Breaking Bad fashion, we have an unexpected - albeit, as outlined above, something going wrong with Walt should always be expected - development that naturally arises out of a foiled scheme... and now we have some momentum heading into the final three episodes of this mini season.

Hank is picking up on Walt's shady scent, even if he doesn't realize it yet (nice watch... nice car); Mike often clashes with his colleague; Lydia is around, full of information and instability; Jesse is less concerned with the business and more with being part of a family that is based on nothing but deceit; Todd has now made himself into someone who will need to be dealt with in some way; and there's a kid lying dead in the desert.

It's all falling apart for Walt, as the forces that may (read: WILL) someday bring him down are clearly internal. They're already surrounding him.

The episode also introduced us to Train Cam and Hole Cam, which of course follow in the cinematic tradition on Breaking Bad of Microwave Cam and Crane Cram and everyone's favorite: Rumba Cam.

Okay, Friday Night Lights fans, you've waiting this long to make a Landry-as-a-trained-killer joke. Have at it.

And then everyone else react: What did you think of this episode? What ramifications will one trigger pull have on the crew and the course of this season?


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I love this show, I really do, but with all due respect, doesn't anyone wonder why this Todd guy killed this kid?
For all we know, he is working for a pest company, giving tips for robberies.
I can understand him carrying a gun, because of the heist, but he just shot the kid straight. What the hell?!
Also he didn't strike me as a killer kind of guy, more the opposite. I really thought he was a kind character. Well, I guess I will get some answers the next episode


This was by far the best episode of season 5.
It contained everything I like about the show. Drama, action, a clever scheme, Hank, confident Skyler, Junior not knowing wtf is going on, and a heart wrenching cliffhanger.
I am completely in the dark as to what will happen next, and I can only speculate that at least Skylar will commit suicide, and the final showdown will be Walter vs. Jesse at high noon in front the local saloon… with machine guns.
What an awesome show!


The reviews are spot on.
But, all viewers need to accept that 'Breaking Bad' is pure entertainment ... not a morality play.
Greed, avarice, and moral voids are part of all human life. That, in itself, is what makes this one of the best American crime series of the 21st Century.
Just as Forbrydelsen (Danish) and The Killing plowed new fields, so is 'Breaking Bad'.
Wonderful ... we will not miss one episode ... and we live in Asia.


Keep in mind the season opener, the fast forward to Walt dealing guns at a diner on his 52nd birthday. They have managed to do an excellent job of fore shaddowing this season....


I feel Lydia is working with the other DEA office that placed those tracking devices and they came up with confirmation to give Hank, just in case anyone asks. To throw Mike off the scent if he catches a whiff of it. She's playing both sides, just in case. I knew that little boy was going to die, I just didn't know how. The only thing that caught me totally off guard was Todd - I thought he was going to rat the crew out some way, not be a cold-blooded killer. I didn't like the episode overall; the train sequence felt like a cheesy Bourne Identity/Supremacy ripoff. I had to stop the episode and almost wretched. The writers are trying to hard to make Walter White into some sexy anti-hero and his crew. The car sequence with his son last week, now this. Ugh. I love show, but it's starting to truly stretch the imagination...


I feel Walt had started his downward spirl. In the end I do still feel that skyler is going to off him in the end, one way of another. Mark these words.


Such brilliant symbolism! In a previous ep Jessie toyed with a bug, then spared it. Whereupon it was crushed. This kid played with the tarantula in exactly the same way Jesse had done in the past, then put it in a jar. The final shot is the taranula in the jar, now symbolizing a trapped Jesse himself who has spent all season saying no no no to killing anybody. Watch out, here comes the crushing heavy foot of fate.... Prediction: Just as Walt's rise is in blood, so must his downfall be in blood. As in the funeral-bell-tone symbolic scene dramatizing a mere cut in his scalp while grooming into his Heisenberg persona. And perhaps a little blood-soaked bandage that falls off his head into the grave of an innocent little boy? Time for a little DNA matching that finally clinches for Hank who the villian really is - and puts Walt on the run instead of hiding in plain sight? There seems to be some fan backlash about the innocent slaughter of children this week - but it is a total reality check to drive home in the limited airtime and eps left that they are PUSHING HUNDREDS OF POUNDS OF METH ON SOCIETY AND PEOPLE ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THEIR ACTIONS. Fun time's over, here comes Justice. Greatest. Drama. Ever.


Walt is so far beyond redemption he's forgotten what the word means. That scene with him in the office is just about perfect in portraying how much of a manipulative psychopath he is. Imagine someone actually breaking down I to tears in order to make someone feel uncomfortable enough to find an excuse to leave the room. Brilliant, and horrorific, all at the same time.


"Meh,the most overhped and overrated show on earth,no substance at all". Is that you Kurt Sutter?


";and there's a kid lying dead in the dessert." Desert*, buddy. Not dessert(lol). One of those really funny typos though. ;) Great Review!

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