Burn Notice Creator Teases "Emotional Consequence" of Shocking Death

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Burn Notice killed off a major character on last week's "Shock Wave," leaving fans with one pressing question: NOW WHAT?

Heading in to this Thursday's follow-up episode (previewed below), TV Fanatic spoke with creator Matt Nix and got an idea of what lies ahead on Burn Notice Season 6 and beyond...


Does Nate's death signal a darker turn in the show?
I'd say yes and no. We actually have some really fun episode coming up with some real humor. And it's not that going forward everybody mopes around a lot. At the same time, over the course of all of our seasons, the serialized storytelling is always more kind of serous and emotionally impactful than the self-contained aspects of the show.

But, it's not like I woke up in the morning and was like 'Okay, now this is going dark.' But to the extent that emotional consequences continue, it's sort of unavoidable.

Will Michael ever have a complete resolution to being burned?
The short answer is yes, Anson is the last guy. But I have always said conspiracies involve multiple people, the idea that he was burned by an organization… there were multiple people in that organization. Now that organization has been wrapped up with Anson. But, that does not mean that there are not complications, vis-a-vis the intelligence world - let's just say Michael isn't going to hold back in trying to figure out who killed his brother.

Will wee see Fiona's prison contact again now that she is getting out early?
Yes, you do see Ayn again. It's actually been really fun this season. I feels like suddenly a door has been unlocked and we get to run outside play. But yes, she does show up again in a different capacity.

How do you come up with the tricks they do? Are they real or made up?
Oh, no everything would work or does work in theory. We do fudge it a little bit, but Michael's a super spy so he can do that. For example, in the first season of the show, Lucy Lawless' character, Evelyn, removes the trigger bar spring from Michael's SIG Sauer and he has a bobby pin that he repairs the trigger bar spring with. So the standard we help ourselves to was to do it. Our prop guy did it in about two minutes, but Michael did it in about 45 seconds.

If Burn Notice does get a seventh season would you definitely be looking for it to be the last?
Looking for it would be a strong term. I mean, If you'd asked me that last season, I would've said, 'how many more of these can we do?' But now this season has breathed some new creative life into the show for all of us - for the actors, for the writers, for me. And so the fact that we've been able to do this new kind of storytelling that we haven't done a lot of before has been really exciting.

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I hope they can continue, I don't think this show has lost anything. It's heading into another direction, but all shows have to, once they have been on so long. NCIS has been on almost twice as long and it does not seem to be slowing down.


What's happen to poor Feona she looking soooooo bad.... are they trying to make her look like a tholl (gone a stray). the brows alone are enough to scare a child.... It can't be the prizzzzzon life, shes a bad ass with out being in jail.... she is one tufffff cookie who I'd want to be my friend,, but not to scare the kids & animals in the prossssisssi.


So it's unclear as to whether or not there will be another season???? I hope there is one.........


I could go either way with Burn Notices if there a next season yes I would not mine if there not that okay I do think it was a mistake to get rid of Anson( but maybe im bais since i am a big fan of the actor)

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