Falling Skies Review: End of the Road

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If "Death March" is the price Falling Skies viewers need to pay for elaborate Season 2 sets, action sequences and shocking gross-out scenes such as Tom's eye surgery and Jamil's very painful death last week... so be it.

Because this was as close to a bottle episode as a series of this nature can get.

Weaver in Action

It wouldn't really be possible to stick all characters in a single room - as Breaking Bad and Community have each done when those shows needed to step back and save some money with individual episodes over the past year - but this installment came close.

Very little actually went down outside of a lot of talking, and all of that took place inside a couple of vehicles.

Did Maggie reveal quite the personal tidbit to Hal? Oh yes. And I've enjoyed watching the evolution of this relationship over the past several weeks. But having one character just spill to another doesn't make for gripping television.

(This is especially true when we barely know that character. I don't even recall the name of the veteran with whom Weaver bonded on his car ride.)

We also learned a little more about the harnessed children via Matty's brief new pal, who eerily referred to her Skitter as a "guardian." But we've seen through Karen just what sort of grip these creatures can have, so this wasn't exactly groundbreaking information.

I don't want to pile on because I've thoroughly enjoyed Falling Skies Season 2 and, as I said at the outset, it's understandable that the show might need to conserve its resources before ramping up the action once again as we inch closer to the finale

And now that The Second Mass has arrived in Charleston - an alive and bustling Charleston, apparently - there's plenty of mystery and suspense to be mined within that city. Let's hope most of it takes place outside.


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They drove so much in that episode I got highway hypnosis. Totally boring.


If I wanted to watch people drive for an hour I'd get in my car. This was beyond boring. Jeez, a show about aliens with... wait for it... NO ALIENS!!! And the stupidity of these people continues to amaze me. It seems like every week they feel sorry for an alien, someone who's been abducted, etc, who then turns on them, acts as a homing device for the aliens. When will these people learn the aliens use trojan horses?


Holy shit this episode sucked! Worse than anything that has come before - and that is really saying something. Didn't the maggie chick already reveal she was raped by pope's men, had three brain tumors and surgeries (literally) so won't go into hospitals and now, in this episode we find out she was also a heroine addict and in jail? How the hell did she have time to do all that? Oh yeah, she also somehow had time to become a world class shot with a pistol. Aliens have now also destroyed the world and killed most of humanity and yet she acts as if she just graduated from an ivy league school and is returning from a Rodeo Drive shopping spree with daddy's credit card. Who the fuck writes this crap?


I have no problems with episodes that focus on talking usually. But it has to make sense. As some already stated - who the hell was the guy sitting next to Weaver? We don't need ANOTHER "main-supporting-character". And Maggie's monologue offered nothing shocking and/or new. I would have been more shocked if she had stated she was in love with Pope once... btw: they underuse this great character. I was SO hoping for more Pope lines :-(


Falling Skies is already very predictable and the characters make buckets of mistakes ( no light or noise discipline when they are patrols, the use of dirt bikes for scouting even though they are the noisiest things ever,lighting up a whole hospital for the world to see) but i do enjoy the show 95% of the time.
However, a solid hour of characters talking whimsical nonsense, a partially harnessed kid who can speak freely for the first time in ages and still we learn nothing of substance, even from maggie! the girls has some real skill with a gun, has a past with pope, and all she can come out with is that she was a heroine addict and she went to prison for a bit????? you have to be kidding me.
Work harder lads, this writing is disgraceful.


Missa, you are not alone in liking this episode. It was a favorite for me, as well. I enjoy getting to know the characters and their motivations more often than I do getting to watch the men of the company blow up aliens and shoot things with gore all over the place. Seems like every episode has someone die in it, which is rather depressing. There needs to be episodes like this so we care about the people who remain, and we can be hopeful for their future. Without hope, this show would be so depressing I wouldn't watch it. I like that Hal's girlfriend was honest enough to tell him about her past. I am also glad that the little guy made a friend and that we got to know more about the mindset of children in this episode, both harnessed and unharnessed


This was beyond boring. Every second I was hoping that they would not dare to waste the entire episode on such blah-blah crap. They did dare. I felt deceived because I love the show. Well, I'll get over it.


I guess I'm alone in liking this episode. I like a story line once in awhile where we get to know the characters better. I especially like the actor playing Tector because I enjoyed him in "Sanctuary". I don't believe every week there needs to be killing and blood spilling to like a show. This week they showed the personalities of the lead characters and maybe what we can expect from them in the future, which now looks very interesting.


Getting back to the more boring episodes of season 1. I don't actually care about any of these characters. And the final setup. Let's mention that Charleston is the promised land every 2 minutes so the viewers will just guess that it must all be a disappointment but then make the twist that it is actually what they were looking for. What a twist! Except, like I said, I don't really care...


On the lower end for a FS episode. I didn't know his name was Tector either. Hopefully next episode will be better.

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