Falling Skies Season Finale Teaser: A Suicide Mission?

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The aliens are closing in and the Army is closing ranks.

What will go down on this Sunday's season finale of Falling Skies?

We left off last episode with Tom's mentor in jail and Tom suddenly staring down both a military coup and a pending attack. The 2nd Mass is looking to this former history teacher to take them toward a budding future, but what steps will Tom take to get there?

And what sort of "suicide mission" is Arthur referencing in the following TNT trailer? Watch now and then return to TV Fanatic the moment the East Coast airing of the finale concludes for my detailed review of concluding developments...

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Not a single character in this show would believably volunteer for a suicide mission - they're all pussies. That said, knowing how these writers and showrunners operate, any suicide mission will have to involve one of Tom's sons. Hopefully the older one as he is an idiotic character that shouldn't have been created in the first place. If it is one of Tom's sons, don't worry - he'll somehow manage to survive against all odds...unfortunately. This is among the best ever shows to bash - the writers just give so much fodder!


Hopefully he's referring to the mission where the entire 2nd Mass runs single-file directly at an alien canon and then one-by-one holds it to their chest so when the aliens fire at them they don't miss. And they do it without saying a single word. That I would watch.

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