FrenEmmy Award Winners: Ian Somerhalder, Ellen Pompeo and More!

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The votes have been tallied and the hardware is about to be handed out.

Over the past few weeks, TV Fanatic has presented readers with an opportunity to (politely and respectfully) stick it to The Emmy Awards.

We've presented fans with the FrenEmmys, an online ceremony designed to recognize actors, actresses and programs that have never even received a nomination in any of the major Emmy categories.

Tens of thousands of mouse clicks later, the following stars and shows have been selected as the first-ever FrenEmmy winners:


Best Drama: The Vampire Diaries
Lead Actor in a Drama: Ian Somerhalder
Lead Actress in a Drama: Ellen Pompeo
Supporting Actor in a Drama: Joseph Morgan
Supporting Actress in a Drama: Pauley Perrette
Best Comedy Series: Community
Lead Actor in a Comedy: Joel McHale
Lead Actress in a Comedy: Ashley Rickards
Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Jason Segel
Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Kaley Cuoco

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lol to the person that said Ian (Damon) is a supporting Character. Damon is a main Character and thanks to the fantastic acting Job of Ian Somerhalder, Damon became the biggest character on the Show.


@whateva Ian is highest-paid cast member, earning $40,000 per episode.


to Revegenda, Ian Nina and Paul are the main Characters. But even so , Ian is a fantastic actor that can do anything and along with joseph Morgan the best actor on the Show.


Congratulation to Ian somerhalder, he is a great actor and to Joseph Morgan. Both are my Favorites on TVD


yey! finaly, ellen pompeo is being recognized. it's long overdue. she can carry the weight (with cristina yeng) for the show. i am one avid of GA


I don't agree with any of these winners, with the exception of Kaley Cuoco. In fact, there were several categories that were missing notable actors and/or shows. But, this was based strictly on votes, not on acting ability or show substance. Maybe next year we can have a voting option titled "NONE OF THE ABOVE" so those of us who don't agree with the options we're given to vote on, can at least be counted. I would be interested in what the results showed given the choice to vote for Vampire Diaries or None of the Above.


Complete and total horse shit and a total waste of time. Anither bullshit fake award list really the Vampire Diaries (Twilight/TrueBlood light TTV). I get like three of the winners all and they are all on the Comedy side of things. The Drama side makes no sense not one to SOA or the Fringe really John Noble, Katy Segal, Anna Torv, Charlie Hunnan and SoA. You guys are as bad as the real Emmies dont hide behind the fan bullshit you should have called it the ShitEmmies instead then I would have known not to even waste my time. By the way the CW sucks all the shows are horribly written and are ripoffs to major network shows.


I'm so happy for Joseph Morgan and Ellen Pompeo!!! It's a shame that neither one nor the other has had has been officially rewarded. I did not really understand why actresses capricious and selfish as Katherine Heigl can see prices constantly and as a good actress Ellen Pompeo can stay in the shade. And I did not really understand why Micheal Trevino had a price and not Joseph Morgan. Pfff! I think Joseph deserve at least one prize. Joseph Morgan Klaus was able to play so well with so many different scenes and emotions. He has managed to attach an abominable character and I doubt that anyone could have done the same thing. Michael Trevino and what he has done to him throughout the season? The sex scenes with Caroline, being killed by Klaus (best time), the sex scenes with Caroline, the sex scenes with Caroline, and even the sex scenes with Caroline. They have mistaken it had to be placed in the category porn actor! Ellen is the only reason I continue to watch Gre'ys Anatomy and Joseph is the only reason I continue to watch Vampire Diaries.


Im so happy for Joseph Morgan. TVD crew deserve it


Congrats to Ellen Pompeo! Ellen FTW.