Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Who Breaks Up?

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Ryan Murphy just recently joined Twitter and, be warned, he's already taken to the social network to reveal a number of Glee Season 4 spoilers.

Consider yourself warned, TV Fanatics, and then check out the photos the series creator posted to his account below, along with a number of intriguing teases and tidbits...

Chris Colfer and Lea Michele
  • With Mercedes graduating, "SAM will have a new girlfriend this year," Murphy writes. "Guess who it is!" 
  • Murphy is "really excited" about an episode titled "The Break-Up." But on which couple will this episode focus?
  • Kurt will work alongside Sarah Jessica Parker's character in New York City… at Vogue!
  • The first group number of the season will be Adele's "Chasing Pavements."
  • Sectionals will take place during Thanksgiving this year and Glee will air a two-part episode in response.

Glee also delivered some casting scoop yesterday: Melissa Benoist and Becca Tobin are coming on board as new high school students.

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...cont....So much of it laced in racist and siziest comments as if the thought of Sam falling for Mercedes is a feat in itself since samcedes wasn't played up like an after school special. Thank God!! As for the other tidbits....more fanbases will be pissed....enjoy.


As a samcedes fan I expected this. Same thing happened last season and with Amber being so busy now....yeah. Nothing new or spoiler. What I do hate is if they disregard samcedes and specifically Mercedes as nothing. I am tired of her being pushed to the side like she doesn't matter. If I see Sam do that I will be pissed. He fights for her for half a season to just go "oops I found somebody"? Just no....they better explain it and they better explain it well. The saving grace for samcedes for me was that for once a character didn't forget Mercedes. For once, someone believed in her and followed through. Who knows like I said this happened last year with even more absolution of it never happening with Chord not returning....say the second half they just redo their whole story until Sam graduates. Or not.... A lot of things are plain wrong with glee fandom and it has a lot to do with how many treat Amber. So much of it laced in racist and siziest comments as if the thought of Sam falling for Mercedes is a feat in itself since samcedes wasn't played up like an after school special. Thank God!! As for the other fans....more fanbases will be pissed....enjoy.


I think it's racheal and Finn. Racheal is in new York and Finn is joining the army glee is in definate place now to be getting canceled such as the nine lives of Chloe king and more


diana aragon??


Oh my god. They are really gonna do it. I can´t belive it.
It´s Kurt and Blaine, no way to denny it. Who else? There is no-one whose break-up would be THE break-up. This is going to break so many hearts. I wonder how they do it. Cheating? Separation stres? Kurt not being able to get over the fact that he isn´t in Nayada and putting the blame on Blaine?
I just... Wow.
I know I wanted some drama, but not break-up.
Glee is getting into dangerous place. People love them. Some even too much.
*little hope for a Wemma, but... And Brittana ain´t that It couple-ish*
Damn Ryan Murhpy. Ever since the Equality project madness begun, I knew you´d do this.

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