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Go On Premiere: What Did You Think?

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Matthew Perry made his return to television tonight.

The former Friend and ex-Mr. Sunshine anchored the premiere of Go On, a Community-esque sitcom that places Perry's sarcastic Ryan King at the center of an eccentric batch of individuals, all of whom comprise a support group for people going through "life change" (as opposed to studying for Spanish class).

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What did you think of the pilot? Are you glad to see Perry back in the world of comedy? Did the series manage to balance the unusual combination of grief and humor? And will you be giving Go On a real chance?

Grade the opening episode now:

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i did not think i was going to like it. but boy do like it. ryan reminds of chandler. it's an fun show


I liked it, my husband said it remember him to chandled but i did not see it like that, i like the characters and i liked the story. I think they balanced well the grieve with the comedy, Perry is very funny guy so that should not be a problem. As for the community reference, i really did not see it until i read it here! And i do watch community!!! It's that kind of show but not specifically that show... Anyway, if it's like community.... TV really needs more comedy's like it, so... Not bad at all!

Philly ace

People have been comparing this to Community and when you consider you have Perry over McHale as your leading man. Then, consider the more diverse class of people in the therapy group, this has great potential. Just they wish a Pierce Hawthorne character. I love those crazy racist old men. LOL


I'm giving it a B. Comedy pilots aren't always the best indicator of where a show is going (Cougar Town), but there's enough heart and charm here to keep me coming back for at least a few episodes.


I definitely liked it quite a bit. This is the classic, perfect Matthew Perry role and he truly does it do well.
There are definitely a few kinks, but it had a lot of potential and I will of course, carry on with the show.


watched the first ten minutes, so far so good, makes me miss Chandler though, it's funny and that's good, good start.