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NBC Cancels Go On

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NBC has taken the axe to another comedy.

In a surprise move, the network announced today that Go On will not return for another season, as it joins Whitney, Up All Night and Guys with Kids as newly canceled NBC comedies.

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The network did renew Parks and Recreation, while the fates of Community and The New Normal remain in the air.

Earlier this week, meanwhile, NBC ordered five new dramas - including the Chicago Fire spinoff - and four new comedies.

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Go On and Up all Night are funny! Whyyyyyy?


It's ashame go on canceled! It wasn't just a comedy. It was about life and it mixed in comedy and heart in every episode. It was actually deeper than some shows on TV today. It should of been given more of a chance with its up and down ratings.


I'm annoyed I like Go On and New Normal. Maybe now I'll have more room on my dvr at least.


I just couldn't get into it. And I really tried. So - this isn't that much of a surprise. I really like Matthew Perry and would have loved to see his series "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" go through a few seasons. That was some amazing stuff. "Go On" - not so much. Felt too plastic. (Best way I can explain it.)


Quite frankly - as much as I like Community - I'm surprised that it survived while Go On didn't. I'm guessing NBC is going for syndication value?


COMMUNITY SEASON 5 OFFICIAL! #sixseasonsandamovie


Maybe that means good news for Community after all? Quite frankly after an overall disappointing fourth season, I'm not too sure I want to witness a fifth one. Ok, who am I fooling? I could probably force myself to watch a few more seasons. You would think NBC would appreciate all the money I spend on Community merch all up in the NBC store anyway (still waiting on a Delta Cubes tee).

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