Gossip Girl Caption Contest 220

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Welcome to the 220th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic. Yes, 220 ... what a run! If you're new, this is where our readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama. Let's do it!

Your Caption Contest winner this week, using a picture from the set of Gossip Girl Season 6, is queenbee94. Congrats!

The winning entry, a classic Season 4 reference, now appears beneath the image.

Honorable mentions go out to Lolz, lance and leanne. Thanks to all for playing!

Umm What The

Error: The message you wrote on May 17, 2010 to Chuck Bass could not be delivered: "I'm running late to meet you on top the Empire State Building, Dorota's in labor. See you soon. B"

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Time to change my relationship status... hmm, what shall I put? "In A Relationship"? "It's Complicated"? Oh what the hell, let's just put "Engaged", that way I won't have to change it again 10 episodes from now.


Darn, message is too long. Anyway it ends with: Blair: I'm starting to think you just started this conversation so you could say "I'm Chuck Bass".


Chuck: Blair... we need to talk about your status updates!
Blair: Why?
Chuck: They come across a bit arrogant... here, let me pull up your profile... here we go: Working on a scheme, just came back from a scheme, just saved the Upper East Side with a scheme, just perfected my new scheme, working on two schemes at once while polishing my nails, out scheming with Dorota, just saved the Upper East Side with another scheme... See, you're flooding everybody's news feed with the same message!
Blair: So? You're not one to talk... let's check out your status updates, shall we? I'm Chuck Bass. I'm Chuck Bass. I'm Chuck Bass. I'm Chuck Bass. How is that not arrogant?
Chuck: Because it's the truth!
Blair: So is what I post.I scheme all the time, that's what I do. I'm probably going to scheme tomorrow.
Chuck: And I'm going to be Chuck Bass tomorrow. Because I'm Chuck Bass. Heheh, I'm gonna tweet that real quick.
Blair: I'm starting to think you just started this conversation so you could say "I'm Chuck Bass".
Chuck: I'm starting to think you're on to something.


Blair: Let's see what's new on Facebook...
Dan Humphrey is away with Georgina Sparks... who cares about those two anyway?
Jenny Humphrey listed Rocky the Raccoon as her sibling... why haven't I defriended that bitch yet?
Serena is at Grand Central Station with Some Weird Drug Dealer... as usual...
Ivy Dickins posted something on Lola Rhodes' wall: "Let's take Lily down"... meh, I'll take care of that when it's already gotten super-dramatic...
Oooh, Dorota bought a donkey on FarmVille? I want a donkey!! Well, better start harvesting...


Blair: Well, Serena, I've got a riddle for you.. what starts with P and ends with my finger in your face? That's right.. POKE! God, I love Facebook.


Blair: This fight with Serena is getting out of hand. From now on, it's war. That's right... a poke war!


blair: wish chuck would stop poking me on facebook !


blair: dorta has tagged me in 5 pictures..... oh no oh no un tag un tag!


blair: (texting dorota ) what does IDK stand for ? dorota : I dont know blair : god nobody knows!


blair: arggh why does that little twerp jenny humpfies keeps sending me friend requests ?! i ignored the first five silly little J

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