Gossip Girl Season 1: Share Your Favorite Moments!

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Gossip Girl Season One. The year that started it all.

In honor of the repeats airing for the first time on the Style network, and the final season airing this fall on the CW, we're taking a look back at the show that's given us so many memories over the years.

Most of them good!

Look at Victrola

Gossip Girl Season 1 tells the story of Serena's return to the UES following her mysterious disappearance to boarding school in Connecticut, an event the Season 5 finale paid homage to this past May.

It also introduced the soon-to-be-epic courtship of Chuck and Blair, along with scandals, hookups and backstabbing truly worthy of "OMFG" posters, yet plenty of tender moments to balance it out.

Dan and Serena found romance between worlds. Rufus and Lily grew close, forever bonded by a shared past. Little J struggled to fit in. Queen B and her headlines ran the show - and her minions ragged.

First Date
All Over Each Other

Gossip Girl was designated by New York Magazine as the "Best. Show. Ever." It wasn't a stretch. Edgy yet fun, and cutting-edge with its incorporation of new media, it became a phenomenon.

The humor, drama and sexual tension of this first season made it the ultimate guilty pleasure, no matter which couple you were rooting for or against. We can all agree on that much, right?

What's your best memory of Gossip Girl Season 1? Share it with us below as we look back at the series we love and gear up for its swan song (see TVF's Gossip Girl spoilers for all the latest) October 8!

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14. The Blair Bitch Project: Jenny being crazy was kinda fun. Blair's dream and when she wakes up was too. Serena and Chuck interactions through the episode before they fight were too. The really good scenes were at the end at Butter and when Serena seeks Chuck to apologize and show Georgina's note.
15. Desperately seeking Serena: Serena looking great, her interactions with Dan at the beginning, her interactions with Chuck, Nate and Vanessa starting something. Specially great the first sequence with GG talking about the SAT.
16. All about my brother: didn't see much of that one, but the final scenes quite shocking. Blair taking down Jenny was powerful too.
17. Woman of the Verge: the whole first part of the episode, pretty much more than the second one, except for moments like Blair informing Chuck that she knew where Georgina was, their akward glances to each other at the concert.
18. Much I do about nothing: The first Chuck and Blair scene, Serena screaming at Georgina, Blair arriving at the wedding and speaking with Chuck, Chuck and Nate making peaces, Nate punching his dad, Chuck's speach and his dance with Blair.


11. Roman Holiday: this one not so much, but it isn't bad and it's the only Christmas episode.
12 School Lies: many things about it, starting for the beginning, how good everyone looked in the school scenes afterwards, the study session in Blairs party, specially Chuck, Blair, Dan interactions, the final part of the episode when the engagement is announced.
13. The Thin Line between Chuck and Nate: not so much a favorite but powerful scenes like when Blair looks at Chuck while kissing Nate, the Chuck and Blair confrontation at school gates, the Chuck and Nate fight, the final scene between Blair and Serena. A favorite moment is the reasons why Dan loves Serena.


5. Daredevil: the whole sleepover thing, Dan and Serena date, Chuck helping Nate (Nate looked gorgeous and Chuck was beginning to show more depth).
6. The Handmaidens tale: Mostly the dresses in the masked ball, and Jenny getting back at Chuck, and Chuck, Blair and Nate leaving the party.
7. Victor/Victrola: All scenes of Chuck and Blair in Victrola, the scene of Dan and Serena in bed (where is that Dan, btw). Blair confronting Nate too.
8. Seventeen candless: pretty much the whole episode, specially the beginning, the party, the ending, Nate consulting Chuck.
9. Blair Waldorf must Pie: a little bit the fight between Blair and Serena but only because is a scene well done, Blair's outfit and hair later, Serena's outfit too, the dinner scene, Blair and Eleanor at the end, and above all the flashback scenes.
10. High Society: the first scenes in the street, the Cotillion practice, the makeout of Chuck and Blair in her bedroom, Nate's tuxedo fitting, the tea at Blair's place, Chuck and Blair interaction after that, the Cottillion presentation, Carter speaking with Serena after the fight, Dan and Serena at the end, One Republic Apologize as CODA song.


I didn't start watching this show since season 1, so are things in season 1 I haven't seen or only saw once online. I started paying some attention around 1x12 and 1x13 and watched 1x17 and 1x18 more fully. Nevertheless I can pick some favorite moments. 1. In the Pilot: Serena arriving at Grand Station with the whole Dan watching her, the first scenes at Blair's house, Serena asking Dan out (sorta), the final scene with Chuck and Blair, and Dan and Serena in the cab. The interactions between Rufus and Lily were good too.
2 The Wild Brunch: The beginning of the Brunch (Blair's outfit being the best), the first time the 5 of them have a group conversation (despite how it ended).
3. Poison Ivy: The whole dynamic between Chuck and Blair during the episode, how Rufus cared about Dan, Jenny and Eric talking, the final scene between Serena and Blair.
4. Bad news Blair: Many of Serena and Blair interactions in the photo shoot.


The garden scene in 'Summer kind of wonderful', actually, the whole episode and the Train Station Scene in Paris were the most memorable for me. Everything was perfect. The lighting, the background, the dialogue and the emotions portrayed by EL.


i LOVED Nate & Blair in 'Hi, society',
these two should most definitely be together!

Wheres waldorf

OMG one of the greatest, most drama-filled moments in GG history. "I killed someone"
*URA Fever by The Kills plays* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Wheres waldorf

Victor Victrola was the best episode of Season 1.
No one realizes the little clues that were given to us throughout the episode as a hint to how it was going to end. Dan made a comment about how teenagers in New York don't drive so there aren't any cars for them to make out or have sex in. Serena said that talking about something or planning it out can ruin a good thing. It was such a fun, teeny, carefree episode and you guys all know it! Another awesome moment was Blair's takedown of Georgina in the Season 1 finale! "I'm the crazy bitch around here"


Seventeen Candles. Nuff' Said. That whole episode was just amazing, out of all the seasons, and all episodes, that one will always remain my favorite. From One Week Of Danger by The Virgins, too Serena's Guitar Hero, to Chuck admitting he likes Blair to Serena seeing Chuck and Blair kissing. Other highlights include;
- The end of Victor\Victrola.
- Anything and everything to do with Georgina Sparks, espically when the girl called her Georgina when she was meant to be 'Sarah'.
- When Eric and Serena dissaprove of Bart.
- The season finale.
- Serena and Nate's first time in the pilot.
- The begining of the Pilot with Nate and Blair.
- Taylor Mosmen's accent when she played Jenny.
- Lily in the thanksgiving episode.
- Eric and Jenny's friendship.
- The episode Hi, Society with Chuck's jealusy and the Chuck and Blair scene in the begining.
- Nate and Chuck's limo fight. And a thousand more things.


oh i loved how blair teased chuck with her stocking


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