Gossip Girl Season 6 Trailer: My Bet's On Us ...

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The first trailer for the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl has been released, and while the minute-long montage mostly serves as a retrospective on the series, there are some new snippets at the end.

Ones that will have people buzzing, no doubt.

Someone's getting married, in surprising fashion - Chuck's reaction suggests the guests weren't even informed ahead of time what this get-together was for - but is it really Serena? And will she go through with it?

Share your comments with us below, and Chair fans, try not to shriek too loudly if you're in a public place when you watch their cute exchange at the very end of the first Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer ...

In what we all hope will be a 10-episode farewell for the ages, Gossip Girl Season 6 premieres on October 8 with "Gone Maybe Gone," written by executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

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@Zoran,Serena had left her wild ways before she came back to new york. maybe because of ben.Dan made his decision and chose Blair over Serena last season.Dan unlike Nate has always been judgemental. He accepted of being uncomfortable of Serena's clothes in season 3.if dan loved Serena he would not have written that horrible book.


NO, we do not need Serena and Nate! Their story began and ended at the end of season 3 when Serena came back again to Dan! As in season 4 when Serena choosing between Nate and Dan, and as we all know the Dan is chosen one! And in a disastrous season 5 Serena is suffering all the time for Dan, not for Nate! Those who are now cheering for Serena and Nate resemble to fan of Dan and Blair, both of them (and maybe they are the same?) were wrong! Serena is long ago (since season 1) chose Dan to be with him, now is the time to finally Dan get his head out of Blair ass and go back to where he belongs - next to his beloved Serena!


@ Huh, You did not understand the story of Dan and Serena! Serena and Dan are each other's destiny, as Chuck and Blair! Without Serena and Dan would not be Chuck and Blair! Because the story begins with Serena and Dan, and the story has to end with the two of them! Who's Serena without Dan, troubled girl who gets drunk, on drugs and changing men like underwear! Who's Dan without Serena, an ordinary young man from Brooklyn, withdrawn, no friends and no future! Who are Serena and Dan together - a beautiful couple in love, with a bright future as a writers (I'm not wrong, the two of them are writers), they rely on each other and they are best together! When Serena was with Dan everything that makes her being a bad girl gone (Dan is her rock) and she becomes the most desirable girl every boy wanted! And when Dan is with Serena, he is no longer a young man drawn without perspective, he become Serena love of her life and a great writer!


Chair is great. Dan should be with georgina


This show is completely and utterly stale and has been for a while. They brought back Bart. BART! That screams out of 'ideas' even more than re-uniting couples. Last season really screwed with people. I believe it tired a lot of people out with ships and not just Chair. Everyone gets shit in this fandom. As far as Chair though, I know shouldn't like them but I do. They've made the cheesiest dialogue work over the years. It's mainly about their chemistry *cliche, sorry* for me. It's a shame they couldn't have gotten a better arc, it could've been all around good rather than "damn this sucks but these guys work well together"! I actually hope everyone else isn't paired off in the end. Serena and Dan can follow their parents' path Serena (Lily) cycles through short marriages while still liking Dan (Rufus). They possibly meet up in the very distant future). Nate is best alone imo.

Wheres waldorf

I don't understand why people hate Chair? Every mistake they have made in their relationship comes with a whole background story and actual reasons. They aren't destructive, unreasonable monsters. We have watched them both for 5 years and followed their journeys. We know why they are the way they are. So it really baffles me at how people dislike them together at this point.
Also, Blair isn't pathetic for following her heart. Eleanor said "even moguls have hearts." She has chosen her own future and herself over being with Chuck several times, and I'm not saying she was wrong to. I want B to be powerful and for all her hard-work in school and at W to pay off for something. It finally has. That conversation with her mother about being powerful was actually really well done. It explained to us why the writers decided to give Blair this ending. Blair's main issue in life has been with what her mother thinks of her and I really feel as though that story has been resolved once and for all. That's the most important thing for Blair's character this season.


Chuck and Blair are such a gross pairing. The show is ruined. Blair is pathetic and there is nothing new happening in S6 to tune in for. Lame lame lame. Talentless writers.


I believe there is nothing to see since the pig jews writers are still breathing
hitler the world misses your excellent job XD


i love chair...
but i love CHUCK and EVA even moreeeee!
who's with me?


Hey Chair haters, GET OVER IT!

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