Gossip Girl Season 6 Trailer: My Bet's On Us ...

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The first trailer for the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl has been released, and while the minute-long montage mostly serves as a retrospective on the series, there are some new snippets at the end.

Ones that will have people buzzing, no doubt.

Someone's getting married, in surprising fashion - Chuck's reaction suggests the guests weren't even informed ahead of time what this get-together was for - but is it really Serena? And will she go through with it?

Share your comments with us below, and Chair fans, try not to shriek too loudly if you're in a public place when you watch their cute exchange at the very end of the first Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer ...

In what we all hope will be a 10-episode farewell for the ages, Gossip Girl Season 6 premieres on October 8 with "Gone Maybe Gone," written by executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

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Apparently in GG land everyone is meant to end up with the person they met in high school. If I can accept Chair for like the millionth regurgitated time then the least I hope for is something different for everyone else. I already think its sloppy, lazy writing to go 'back to the beginning'. These last eps should set it up so we can see the future for everyone and that shouldn't mean pairing everyone up again. Bored with all the rehashes of old storylines.


@Jemma Jay Blair has not got dead eyes. Those eyes that you're seeing are "I want to sex you up right here and right now." Finally, chemistry on the show again!


OMFG ! It's gonna be AMAZING !
CHAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait !!!
Do U know what is the song playing during the trailer ?


Barf. How can people get excited about Chair? Their dialogue is so hollow and ridiculous. Cheesy gambling puns? Dead eyes? This is anything but epic.


@ Fran, Steven is a new character in which Serena is in love, the one toasting with a glass of champagne and standing next to Serena in the video! If you did not know Steven has a sister, Natasha!
@ Huh, what you said about Serena and Dan's nonsense! At the end of the series, with a mere 10 episodes, you want a new story especially for Dan and Serena in particular? When do you think can tell a new romance when there are only 10 episodes in total? Now at the end of the series it is only right that Serena and Dan reconcile and be happy together in the end!


@Fran - I so agree. As much as I have a soft spot for Chair and some of Dair, all the Blair love quadrangle, baby daddy drama, marriage, etc. stuff really sunk the show. Not to mention the ridiculous shit like God pacts and Bart returning - ugh. I wouldn't mind them forgetting season 5 ever happened. So I hope they wrap the end games up quickly and don't wait until like episode 9 or some bs. Hopefully everyone gets a good story line. It worries me that Chuck says something like "I met someone else" (or something?) at the end of the promo because Chair does not need to be drawn out any longer. Wtf does he say?


@ Zoran. Who's Stephen???


Completely agree. So Chair is happening but what's in the pipeline for everyone else? That's what I'm interested to see. And please no Derena - let's have at least one of these couples not rammed down our throats again. Come up with something fresh for the other characters for once.


I'm hoping the whole Chair stuff can be resolved quickly so that we can move onto getting a decent story for Dan, Serena and Nate. Honestly, after all of the ridiculous Chair/Dair/Blouis drama of last season, I wouldn't mind if Blair retreated to a convent and Chuck and Dan both found someone else.


Same old crap! Team Dan!

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