Grey's Anatomy Burning Question: Who's on the Gurney?

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The latest promo for the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy didn't offer much in the way of new footage, but it did include one compelling visual - someone being rushed into a hospital on a gurney.

It's not clear who, or whether he or she survives:

Given the catastrophic nature of the plane crash, it's certainly possible (even likely), that more one of the five surviving surgeons requires emergency care by the time rescuers finally arrive.

Regardless of whether or not Mark dies, Eric Dane's departure from the series after the first two episodes this fall makes him seem like the most likely candidate, but there's also Arizona.

Meredith, Cristina and Derek are hurting too, of course, but AZ seemed to be in worse shape. Who survives, and the lingering effects of the crash throughout Grey's Anatomy Season 9, will be fascinating to watch.

Who do you think is on the gurney? Comment below ...

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Why was Lexie written off the show? I loved her character! And Mark!! ??


I think Lexi because they have bough people back after they are die..


My guess is that it's Mark, as he wasn't looking so good at the end of Season 8. Out of all of them he was the worst. I'm going to hate to see him go as the first GA episode I ever watched was the one where we first met Mark so he means a lot to me and we can't have GA without McSteamy, where would the jokes with Avery be? And Sophia would be without a Dad. Over the past few seasons he has defiantly grown to be one of my favourites. It seems all my favourite characters get killed off these days.


I am so mad that lexie is gone i still cant believe it and i wish it wasent real. I think its mark whos on the gurnny. I dont want mark or arizona to die :( Hope I wont loose interest in grey's anatomy because of all the deaths.


Arizona's fate is being kept confidential by Shonda, I don't think we'll know before the first 2 episodes...


The song is by Cider Sky it's called Where to Now - love it!


It's mark :( I think he was way worse than the others


I think Mark's on the gurney. I think he'll be awake before falling into a coma or something. The picture Dempsey posted on Twitter indicated life support right? And as a die-hard Slexie fan I hope those two will see each other again in heaven ;)
But notice how we don't even get a glimpse of Arizona in that clip?


It's probably mark (unfortunately)


My guess is mark dies and Arizona looses her leg and has a personality change after the crash can't Be a perky roller
Skating Peds doc anymore. She will probably act out, push Callie away, and then resent her for not supporting her enough. trouble in calzona land. Callie has always had both her support people around her mark and Arizona are a box set, she has had her cake and ate it too/two. How strong is her relationship really with Arizona without her best friend in the picture, their lives were so it completely unraveled........does their relationship still work without him, it a new challenge for the couple.......a good one, shondra said Callie/ Arizona story arc is interesting this season.....
Her dying would not be interesting, kinda lame boring and over done
Just my 2cents

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