Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Premiere to Be Titled ...

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The Grey's Anatomy Season 9 premiere has a title, and it's an ominous one. While the meaning of the September 27 episode's name will be subject to interpretation, it's hard to get warm, fuzzy feelings about ...

"Going Going Gone."

Doc Sloan

Obviously, our first thought is that with Eric Dane only be returning for two episodes this fall, the title hints at Mark's exit. It's unclear if Mark dies or not, but he will be moving on one way or the other.

The death of Lexie and departure of Teddy are still fresh too, of course, so it would be a reference to them as well. In any case, when Grey's Anatomy Season 9 begins, things will be a lot different.

“When we start the season, we are ahead enough in time where we see the outcome of lots of things. And in the second episode, there’s rewind ... to where they’re still in the forest,” creator Shonda Rhimes said.

What's your interpretation of the season premiere title?

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@Seriously13 Going: Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Jackson (who work now in different hospitals) and April who was fired because she failed to her exams.
Going: Mark who is deeply wounded and should be killed of the very end of 9x01)
Gone: AZ left leg (the prod looked for a woman amputee of left leg)


There is already a lot of chatter in certain sites that points to a loss of limb for a certain character that is beloved indeed aka ... Arizona Robbins and her mid left leg. The feedback on that idea is not good at all. There is no positive to taking such a drastic route except perhaps giving the actor an opportunity to flex their acting chops (and I don't doubt that JCap will do a better job than Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams together because well, she can act! lol). Shonda loves to gamble and she has already lost plenty. Especially with AZ and its very careless deconstruction during S7 (remember the threesom and a baby).
Shonda spent all of season 8 trying to fix her mistake and she only partly succeeded (Calzona's scenes were almost boring at the end). If she does what it’s rumored she’s planning to do, there will be no coming back from this. She won’t be able to fix it. It will forever change the dynamics for the character, professionally and personally. Not to mention what is being done to the relationship which will once again be tested to the limits. If Shonda does pursue this, and seeing as though they have probably completed filming the first 3 episodes the damage has already been done, I honestly don’t know that I can continue to watch Greys. It will be too much especially after what's happened in S7! :evil:


Speaking of new series regulars, since they let Kim Raver (Dr.Altman) go I hope they hire Leith M. Burke (Dr. McQueen) as the new head of cardio.
He is a character who was a fellow surgeon to Altman in season 7, and since there are new characters coming it would be fun to have a familiar face as the new cardio attending.


I think Mark fought for Sloan, it's just that he was really young when she was bored and was really immature back then. When she found him and revealed she was pregnant, he acted like a parent, he offered to take care of her and her baby. I think he didn't fight harder cause she was a grown up too and just wanted her peace, what could he do about it really... Sure he was a manwhore for most of the show but I think in the last couple of seasons, he had really grown.


The funny thing about Mark though, is he didnt fight for 33% with his other daughter Sloane..the character has always been made a joke, or a whore. Callie always had to talk sense into him as to how to act like a human being. I could never take Mark seriously as he was the on-call room, boob staring manwhore who failed at making it right with Lexie. Of course Lexie is to blame as well, but she was young, she had an excuse to act immature, Mark didn't.


If ED is leaving then Mark will most likely be killed off. This makes more sense than him leaving Seattle and his daughter behind. I don't think Mark would ever consider leaving Sophia seeing as how much he fought with Arizona two seasons ago just to have his 33% input. Besides Mark dying will give Mexie their MFEO status even if it is in death.


I want arizona to live... after season 9 its only like one or two more seasons anyway so it wouldn't make any since to get rid of jessica capshaw now I want callie to be happy and since eric is leaving the show I still want her to have arizona.


NO AFTERLIFE Shonda need to fix this JUNK. Bring Lexie back to life!! So the fan can have a real wedding. Lexie and Mark are the best. They desever better and so does Chyler and Eric!


Gosh, i hope both mark and arizona will not be killed. It will be so predictable if they will just kill mark, i think it would be better if he will survived but leaved seattle grace. Also for arizona, i wished they will not cut her leg, i would like her be fix though, and regardless the plane crashed, i hope she'll cope up the emotional and physical trauma, so as not to change too much of arizona's character, coz i really love this perky surgeon. Seriously!


But again all of this raises a question : why does Shonda always kill off her characters... if Mark couldn't stay, she could have written Lexie and Mark off in another way : make them elope together or so... going to work in another hospital, means we wouldn't have seen them anymore at work, and it could have been mentioned every now and then that Sophia is staying with Mark that night, even if Eric Dane was not there to play that role... I'm still thinking there is a lack of originality here. Drama can be achieved through something else than death.

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