Kelly Overton to Guest Star on Beauty and the Beast

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Kelly Overton must have a thing for violent creatures.

The actress, who viewers saw a great deal of this summer on True Blood Season 5 (below), will next guest star on The CW's Beauty and the Beast.

Kelly Overton on TB

According to TV Guide, Overton will play Claire, a smart, athletic doctoral student who hits it off with Max Brown's medical examiner Evan after they meet online.

There's potential for Overton to recur and she will make her debut on episode four.

Beauty and the Beast premieres on October 11, immediately following The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere. It's very loosely based on the classic fairy tale, with Kristin Kreuk portraying a homicide detective who has a connection with Jay Ryan's beastly Vincent Keller, an army veteran.

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