Michael Weatherly on NCIS Season 10: We've Got Issues!

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The NCIS team has been through a lot, but this has to be uncharted territory.

When NCIS Season 10 kicks off September 25, the aftermath of this spring's explosion will be addressed head-on, and won't be without serious emotional and psychological consequences.

The second episode this fall will really delve into this - for better or worse.

Tony Pic

“A head-shrinker is coming to assess the mental status of our people,” Michael Weatherly recently told EW. “And I don’t think anyone on this team should ever get looked at too closely by a psychiatrist.”

No official word on who will play the psychiatrist, but Michael says they'll have their hands full.

Between Ducky “who talks to dead bodies,” Abby “who’s strung out on Caf-Pow,” DiNozzo’s “series of issues,” and Ziva’s “almost Shakespearean” daddy issues, he laughs, “we are a motley crew of headcases.”

Weatherly, who just signed on for two more years, promises it will be handled in typical fashion: “[The fallout] is dealt with and investigated in the unique fashion of NCIS - liberal doses of drama and comedy.”

All indications are that Abby will reach out to her brother Kyle (Daniel Luis Rivas) in the wake of the bombing. How do you think it will affect the rest of the team? Share your predictions below ...

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I must agree with Marci's comment re: Tony and Ziva, they're good as friends and co-workers but getting together, no I'd rather they did'nt.
Apart from the fact that I would be jealous it could get too 'mushy'!
I would have to underline Gibb's rule of Never Date A Co-Worker!


Love the show and all the characters ~ glad Palmer finally gets the recognition he deserves. Best love interest I've seen for Gibbs is Abby the Coast Guard agent. No more Dr. Ryan, please. I may be alone, but a relationship between Tony and Ziva would disappoint me.


I have loved NCIS since the first show. My husband and I will not miss it. Keep the charters like they are. Each one adds a deminsion that is totally theirs. Show would not be as good without Mark, Michael, Cote, Sean, David, Pauley, and Jimmy grow.


Didn't realise it would cut me off so to finish my spiel.
I would fly out to the States tomorrow if my family could guarantee me a meet and greet with the Cast and Crew of NCIS.
Am so looking forward to Season 10, hope New Zealand get it straight off the Satellite this season and good luck for the many more you still have in you.


Mark Harmon is the reason I watched "Yankee White" to begin with. Loved him in "Summer School", so so funny. Cried with him in "After the Promise" and then rejoiced when he finally got all 4 boys back and had a daughter on the way as well.
Had not heard of Michael Weatherly before NCIS but now can't get enough of him or Tony. Onscreen I see a lot of Tony in Gibbs and vice versa and watching Season 9's round table I caught a glimpse of the same between Mark and Michael, so I get now why their characters work so well together.
I love the thought of Tony and Ziva, "Jet Lag" I think leaves you wondering what they actually did in Paris, given they both told different people that they had the couch. I would not want to see it though because based on other shows I have seen, it would be devastating if their hook up meant the show's demise.
I live in New Zealand and my kids would love to take me on an overseas trip. I can't stand flying, you could liken it to that similar to B.A in The A-team. I would happily get on a plane tomorrow if they could guarantee me the opportunity to meet with the Cast and Crew of NCIS.
Am looking forward to Season 10 and good luck for the many more yet to come!


I love NCIS--and every character in it. I wouldn't be opposed to Abby's brother having a relationship with her. That would enhance her character a little more (not that she has room for improvement). Gibbs definitely needs a woman to love...one like Jenny Shepard who understands him, worries about him, and loves him regardless. But this one won't be afraid to show Gibbs exactly what she feels. And, of course, most of us are waiting to see Tiva get together, whether it's in a dream, a delirium, or (especially) for real. I can think of a hundred ways to make that happen. If you need any suggestions, just email me. There's one scenario I've been dying to tell one of the writers about. LOL


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NCIS! Its basically the best show on TV because it has drama, romance, and comedy all in one. BUT THEY REALLY NEED TO GET TONY AND ZIVA TOGETHER. TIVA!


Did anyone else notice the absense of McGee in the clip?


Love love love NCIS and everything about it. The chemistry between Tony and ziva...WOW! you know they want to, so do it already! Abby totally awesome! McGee,ducky and rest love love too. I do agree that Jamie lee Curtis and Gibbs... NO NO NO. HE NEEDS ANOTHER REDHEAD!!!!


Please please get rid of Dr Ryan. She & Gibbs have absolutely no chemistry together. Best love interest for Gibbs was Col. Mann. Now there was chemistry and sexual tension.