Michael Weatherly on NCIS Season 10: We've Got Issues!

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The NCIS team has been through a lot, but this has to be uncharted territory.

When NCIS Season 10 kicks off September 25, the aftermath of this spring's explosion will be addressed head-on, and won't be without serious emotional and psychological consequences.

The second episode this fall will really delve into this - for better or worse.

Tony Pic

“A head-shrinker is coming to assess the mental status of our people,” Michael Weatherly recently told EW. “And I don’t think anyone on this team should ever get looked at too closely by a psychiatrist.”

No official word on who will play the psychiatrist, but Michael says they'll have their hands full.

Between Ducky “who talks to dead bodies,” Abby “who’s strung out on Caf-Pow,” DiNozzo’s “series of issues,” and Ziva’s “almost Shakespearean” daddy issues, he laughs, “we are a motley crew of headcases.”

Weatherly, who just signed on for two more years, promises it will be handled in typical fashion: “[The fallout] is dealt with and investigated in the unique fashion of NCIS - liberal doses of drama and comedy.”

All indications are that Abby will reach out to her brother Kyle (Daniel Luis Rivas) in the wake of the bombing. How do you think it will affect the rest of the team? Share your predictions below ...

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I do not like the JLC character at all. She is not right for Gibbs and her character is so annoying.I do wish Tony's character was more powerfull and not someone that the team harasses all the time


I dislike the JLC character because the show was becoming the Jamie Lee Curtis show on her episodes. I also hated how the character was written...I can't imagine that Gibbs would actually put up with her unless he is trying to find out what she was up to (she did bug his basement!) I do not have a problem with the age...and I want to see Gibbs find someone to love...but the JLC character was obnoxious, annoying and totally wrong for Gibbs. I'd rather he have NO love interest than to see her on the screen for even one more minute. I've actually liked JLC in other things she has done, but the Dr Samantha Ryan character seemed forced and phony. I hope she is gone for good!


@Mitch Dr. Cranston is a human and human have feelings The characters at NCIS seem relatively happy. What show have you been watch the LA one because gibbs still can't get over the death of his first wife and little brat. Tony still misses Kate and still blame himself for the little girl that die in the fire as well as Jennys death. Ziva has the


Michael - are you serious? Not everyone stays at the same job as long as they have? Where do you work? Sheesh - get real. If you don't like it, find a new show.


I think we need to find out that Tony and Ziva have been secretly involved since Paris and have that relationship move forward. Love, Palmer and am glad to hear he's now a regular.


Dr. Cranston is the worst shrink I've ever seen. I had a semi-messed-up childhood and saw a few regularly. They don't judge your dating practices or lack of, they don't suggest your coping mechanisms are wrong (i.e Tony's use of humor) and they don't use their position to feel close to a deceased loved one. They try to get you to figure out what parts of your behaviour aren't working for you and change those areas. Cranston reminds me of a plastic surgeon who upon meeting a patient says, "I can fix your nose, get rid of your eyebags, tighten up that sagging neck and lift you flabby butt," and then doesn't understand why the patient only came in to have some minor thing changed. The characters at NCIS seem relatively happy. They don't need an outsider telling them they're not.


As a great man onces said Enough is Enough and its time for a change Dear NCIS
Kill someone off please mcgee Vance Ziva Jimmy just as long as it not Gibbs Tony and Abby and Ducky the show will do great I know the show is not basic in the real world but come on not everyone stay at the same job as long as these people have


I really love this show.I would really love to see a very intense moment between Tony and Ziva.I'd love to see them talk about their relationship and just give out their feelings for each other.I'd also love to see a moment between Mcgee and Abby.


Seriously, this is the best show EVER! I am excited to see how things progress with the entire team of NCIS. Noone has made any mention of how the relationship between (McGee and Abby) will progress after the season finale. There is something strange about both of them; which is ironic and makes them perfect for each other. Each were in a separate part of the building with the explosion took place. It would be nice to see an emotional caring moment from each of them as well as the Tony & Ziva who are stuck in the elevator. Aside from Abby's relationship with brother....I think some chemistr should evolve between Abby and McGee.....it's expected after all this time.


I'm not opposed to Gibbs having a relationship with a woman closer to his age, and at first I was fine with JLC. My problem with her was that it seemed like her character dominated too many episodes when she on. She is not a character that I am particularly invested in or care much about so I don't want constant Dr. Ryan drama. I don't dislike her. I'm just not that interested. I watch NCIS mostly for Tony, and he and all of the team except for Gibbs had very little screen time or significance in the story when Dr. Ryan was on.