Phoebe Tonkin Cast on The Vampire Diaries!!!

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We can't even pretend to hide our enthusiasm over this bit of Vampire Diaries casting news, especially because TV Fanatic would like to think we had something to do with it:

Former Secret Circle actress Phoebe Tonkin will come on board Season 4 of The CW smash as Hayley, premiering on Episode 3 this fall and portraying a sexy, free-spirited blast from Tyler's past.

As previously reported, the character is likely to cause problems for Tyler and Caroline.

Faye Chamberlain Image

At Comic-Con last month, I asked Kevin Williamson about the possibility of casting Tonkin and then followed up by pleading with Julie Plec.

The latter assured me that if they found a role for the Australian beauty, it would be a long-lasting gig, meaning Vampire Diaries fans can expect to see plenty of Tonkin on our screens in 2012-2013.

If you'll now excuse us, we must go celebrate... and figure out how we'll ever choose between Phoebe and Candice Accola. Good luck with that one, Tyler. We both envy you and feel for you.

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YES! my prayers were answered i was begging that a show cast this hot hot i mean hot aussie who was the stand out on tsc as Faye Chamberlain can't wait to see Phoebe on tvd and @ mystic falls best news i heard all day love her


ARTIK Elena stefanı seçtiği için Damon mistic falls dan biraz uzaklaşmalı hemde Elena ya ceza vermeli.Elena Damon ı özlemeli Damon ise Phoebe tonkin le veya rebekah ile dönmeli ama hisleri Rose karşı olduğu gibi gerçekten onu önemsemeli Elenayı yaptığı seçimden dolayı yokmuş saymalı bi süre ve de Phoebe Damon a gerçekten aşık olmalı.Elena da bunu kıskanmalı bunu artık Damon için yapsınlar...3 sezondur hep kötü karakter yaptılar ama harikaydı Romeomuz...


In sezonul 3 a aparut Emma , in sezonul 4 va aparea Cleo( Phoebe)... mai lipseste Rikki si vom avea toate trei sirenele din H2O just add water la The vampire diaries


Tyler sucks.


Hayley girl perfect Damon, no Tyler no.!!afff..


-since *this


I have no idea if this girl is any good at acting but since katherine is gone (for now) I'd really like to see a new bad ass woman in mystic falls!
I'm not judging since until I saw an episode with her and to be honest I think everyone else should do the same. :P


I don't even need to see her in the show.... Phoebe is amazing and she's deffinately not overrated...she plays much better than most of the already existing actresses and tvd has a pretty solid cast...Hayley is in my top 3 characters already....i want klaus with caroline...but I also wanted hayley with kol :( well I can't have everything I want can i; and I can't wait to see how she helped tyler break the sire bond.


Curious as to how Tonkin is overrated ?? I've never heard anything about her (post secret circle) ....... That's what made her overrated, I knew her from Just Add Water since I watched all the seasons, and when I saw her on TSC I was like OMG, but I stopped after episode 2 because her failure of an American accent was terrible, despite the decent acting. She was the only likable character in TSC apparently judging from the fandom I've seen on tumblr, and HBIC-mean girl characters are always popular, so of course people would want her in TVD lol. Also wtf there's rumor about her torturing Care are you serious

Lord of winter

Uhhh, this actress is overrated, nothing special, so she played a badass character on the Secret Circle...I don't want to see Faye Chamberlain in Mystic Falls, but then again, TVD is mainly about casting hot people not necessarily talented. @Aime, I somewhat agree with you, I like Phoebe Tokin. But feel like some overplay her a tiny bit. I hope she wont just be Faye Chamberlain of Mystics Falls hopefully she'll play a different character.

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