Rizzoli & Isles Summer Finale Review: Let The Jerk Go!

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"Melt My Heart To Stone" teased us with a Hoyt connection and almost had me fooled. Not that I thought the Rizzoli & Isles summer finale was going to resurrect the serial killer, but a murderous apprentice certainly seemed plausible.

Women being murdered, having their arms cut off and then encased in plaster to become replicas of the Venue de Milo made for a suitably creepy last episode of the summer. As an added bonus they really kept me guessing about the murderer until the final 15 minutes.

The Body in the Statue

That's not to say I was happy to see Eddie Cibrian return as Dennis Rockmond.  I disliked the character so much that I was thrilled he appeared to have been written off after only one episode. His return was a double edged sword.

The down side was that we had to endure more time with Dennis. I couldn't believe that Maura would even consider seeing him again. The guy slept with her and then didn't call for three months. His excuse about his book tour was lame. Call, text, e-mail, tweet... there are plenty of ways to communicate and he did nothing. Jane was right. Maura should have let the jerk go.

If only she'd listened.

With all the talk of his new book, I'd almost forgotten that Dennis was an artist, specifically a sculptor. That's when it all started to come together, which brings us to the upside.

Dennis Rockmond dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

At least I now know there's little chance of his return and Maura can hopefully find someone worthy of her in the future. Even if he weren't a serial killer, Dennis was never that guy.

We've generally been witness to Jane dealing with the trauma of horrific events. Now it's Maura's turn. As Jane told her in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

 Serial killers get away with it because they appear so normal. | permalink

But it seemed that Maura couldn't forgive herself for not seeing through Dennis' charming facade. Hopefully Jane can help her get through this event when the series returns.

In other stories, I was surprised they brought back Detective Riley Cooper, but she should make an interesting addition to the homicide department.  It always seemed odd to me that Frankie would be up for a position in homicide as a new detective. I'm no expert but it's always seemed that most cops work their way up to that department.

Now we'll get to see how long Frankie and Frost will hold their grudge and which one Riley will start a relationship with. I vote for Frost. But then that leads to all types of conflict with them working on the same squad.

Once again, Lydia was back and Angela made me proud. No matter how angry she was at this twisted situation, she knew what mattered.

Angela: That baby didn't have anything to do with how it got made. | permalink

Angela has a good heart and I hope that the baby is her grandson, especially since it just ended up on her doorstep.

One of the biggest disappointment of the last few episodes was that Maura's biological family was never mentioned after such an emotional cliffhanger. They just left that storyline hanging without a word and I can only hope they revisit it when the season continues in November.

But overall I've enjoyed this run of Rizzoli & Isles. Jane and Maura's banter is some of the best on TV and proves that girl power can be as entertaining as any romance. That November return feels a long way off, doesn't it?


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I, too had a feeling that Dennis was the bad guy from the get-go, because he was just too creepy and upbeat, and the timing of his return coincided with the murders, which seemed a little too convenient. I was thoroughly glad that he ended up in the elevator shaft. He was such a sleazy creep, I could NOT understand Maura's attraction to him either.
But I love the banter between Maura and Jane, and I don't find it too juvenile at all. I also wondered, as did the reviewer, if we were going to see anything about Maura's mom and half sister, but I am assuming they will be in an episode of the winter season that is coming up. And I wonder if Janes mom is going to adopt the boy baby that Lydia dropped on their doorstep? I hope they find out who the father is (and I hope it is Tommy).


It's not so much the character of Dennis I am glad to see the back of, it's Eddie Cibrian, can't stand him in anything I have seen him in, he's a dreadful actor.


"The guy slept with her and then didn't call for three months."
Actually, Maura did not sleep with Dennis, she said so while talking to Jane. Dennis was a creep and I'm glad he won't be back.


Didn't suspect him until he walked into the morgue through the back door. Then I kept saying "it's him it's him."


Maura was tramatized that she didn't recognize Dennis as the serial killer? Jane needs to be the one curled up on the couch refusing to eat. I mean, when Jane Rizzoli went after the man that kidnapped a fellow cops daughter, that was great. But she was kidnapped and attacked by Hoyt twice. The bakers son kidnapped her and strapped her to a bed in a replica of her bedroom. A cop friend was dirty, held her, Maura and a wounded Frankie captive in the police station, then she shot through herself to wound him. I really like this show but they seem to run down one story line lane and just stop. They don't finish. maura's family is the most recent example. Did her baby sister get that transplant? Did birth Mom come to her senses? Is her Mom recovered from her injuries from the hit and run? Is Paddy in jail or Witsec? Jane has to get away from the family drama. She has two men and though we know who she winds up with in the end, it would be nice to see the drama unfold as she makes that decision.


I liked this episode. The twists were decent and Riley twist was good.


I personally like Jane and Maura's interaction. I like the books but not their relationship in them they are just regular old coworkers in the books and the relationship is not all that great. The Relationship on the TV show is what makes this show different.


This episode sucked. The comic 'relief' destroyed any tension, and really didn't let the solving of the crime evolve.
From a pathological point of view, encasing decaying flesh in plaster won't halt decomp or hide it. Also the gasses and humours exuded by decaying flesh would expand and eventually crack or explode any thing it covered.
If a statue were to 'bleed' after 24 hours and then a rotting hand does nothing after 3 months?
I totally agree with everything suzanne observed.
I happen to really like this show and consider it one of my guilty pleasures, the goofiness they are falling into or the laughing group hugs that end each episode is a bit retrograde.


I knew there was something rotten about Dennis from his first appearance - in fact, I thought he was going to turn out to be the killer in his last appearance. So, I was right - but premature. Is anyone else tired of Rizzoli and Isles acting like tweens every time they're together? Bonding and sisterly interaction is one thing, and joking around is fine, but this verges on insulting at times. The books do the characters better justice in this regard.


I liked this episode. I think it did show some scars that Maura has maybe from being dropped off with an adopted family that did not show much emotion to her as a child. She gets into bad relationships probably because of it. It showed scars for Jane also with the whole serial killer thing and Hoyt still haunts her to this day. Not to bad I am sure we will get a cliffhanger for the season finale and I bet we will be seeing Maura's family back too.

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