Suits Summer Finale Review: Your Team

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Simply put, Suits delivered what will go down as one of its very best episodes in "High Noon."

If there was any question that the battle between Jessica Pearson and Daniel Hardman would end on anything other than a decisive note, you clearly haven't been watching closely.

HigH Noon Scene

It would have done a complete injustice to the season to have Jessica simply walk away victorious. While I was pleased that Hardman took control for the purposes of the advancing the plot and characters, that didn't make the transition any easier to watch.

And that transition took place almost immediately, with Harvey and Donna being demoted to the 46th floor. The only good thing about it was how the move only seemed to strengthen the relationship between the two, which Donna was quick to point out to a detrimentally smug Louis midway through the hour.

Not only was the move immediate, but so was Hardman's decision to get Harvey fired. And who better to sick on Harvey than his greatest nemesis, Louis? Who's the attack dog now?!? He sought to remove Harvey and made it almost impossible to do his job by making sure no associate was available to him.

One thing is for sure: now that Jessica is back on top, I'm sure Louis will be paying ten-fold for the indiscretion. Like Donna said, he betrayed his team. No matter how much they hassled Louis, there's no question that Donna, Harvey, Mike and even Jessica respected him and valued him in their own way. Louis may not have felt it, and it certainly could have been expressed more, but he let his anger rule the day. He'll be lucky if the team ever adds him back to the roster.

On the flip-side, the stress of the regime change was far more than Mike could handle in the wake of Grammie's death. He blew up at Harvey and relapsed into his drug habit.

The best part about this whole tragedy was the simple fact that Rachel was there to stand beside him the entire time, through the rage that caused him to go off on her at the episodes beginning, to her attempts to get him ready for the funeral the day of, she was everything he needed - and didn't have - in that moment.

I will never forget that she didn't freak out on him when she found the weed. She just asked him if it was a good idea, which convicted him enough to demonstrate a false attempt to get rid of the weed. I think it was important that he didn't get rid of it completely because clearly a person doesn't change overnight, and it was necessary for the shenanigans that took place with Harvey later.

But focusing on the Mike and Rachel relationship, they have come a very long way overall from the encounter that seemingly destroyed any chance they had at being together in the future.

The only detraction from this path was the non-ring-wearing married childhood friend, Tess, who magically appeared at Grammie's service. Granted, Rachel cautioned Mike that they not continue their file room makeout session because people don't make the best decisions when they're reeling from grief - but that didn't mean he ought to booty call a married woman.

Really, really dumb move, Mike!

Another relationship that went to the next level was that of Mike and Harvey. One thing I have never seen, but hope very much to see again, is a stoned Harvey. That's the Harvey Specter that should come out to play more often!

From his munchies to his confession that he peed in Louis' office, he was a bag of unexpected fun at a particularly dark time. More shocking was his sudden realization that Hardman planted the CM Motors document.

Props to all you out there who predicted this way back. I know I was patting myself on the back for speculating this possibility on Twitter and in previous Round Tables.

Even better was their instantaneous pursuit to prove it, even as Louis tried to pin Harvey for failure to take a drug test.

What a position of power it was for Jessica, Harvey and Mike to mount a case against Hardman quickly enough to blindside him, just in time for the hearing. Well played, team, well played.

For all of Hardman's efforts to break them, he only proved they can't be broken.

My only complaint is that we didn't see them suffer a little longer. We waited all this time to see whether or not Hardman would take control and then he does so... only to have it ripped away again within effectively two days, which only played out to us in the course of 42 minutes cumulatively.

Like I mentioned before, I hated seeing him so smugly take over, but I think for the sake of growth of everyone overall, we could have stood to suffer a little longer.

And we may still. Notice that Hardman effectively told Jessica that this was not the last page of the story. Expect him to come back in some capacity - and in a big way - the next time we see him.

Lucky for us, the show has six more episodes and will return with in early 2013. With the cliffhanger of Rachel finding Mike with Tess, we don't have to wonder what her reaction might be, only how it will play out when the show comes back.

Other Hhghlights from the mid-season finale:

  • Mike's words about Grammie at her service. Had me in tears thinking about my own Nana.
  • Donna claiming that he mind was too busy being awesome to have those reports done.
  • Stoned Mike and Harvey putting together that Hardman had set them all up.
  • Jessica, Harvey and Donna sharing a drink to celebrate, with Louis on the outside looking in.
  • Harvey going toe-to-toe with Tanner to find out whether or not that CM Motors document was a fake. Who should be disbarred for fraudulent conduct now, Tanner?
  • Harvey revealing to Mike - but not the rest of us - what the can opener is all about.

Did you see it coming that Hardman really had planted that document, or that Jessica would take control again so quickly? Sound off now on this tremendous Suits finale.


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it was a great Fenale until the last scene :S ... the moment I saw the new girl (didn't even bother remembering her name) in the Funereal I knew they were aiming for a cleche ending by making Ross sleep with her and Rachael finding out :S .. I mean wow that was original :S .. I really love this show and I hoped if they put a little more thought into the finale ..
A love triangle all over again, for God's sake it isn't only over used in every book, movie, and TV show ever written but it already happened on the same show !!!!!


I was happy to wait only 43 minutes until all was good again. Don't think they should have lost at all. Hardmen has been around for how long after embezzling money from his own firm. Who would vote him back in? Would you? Can't trust the guy, he was cheating on his wife while she was sick, with another woman at his firm, geez!! What a creep. Like I said should not have won the vote. Louis, poor Louis, he had a chance to be a hero and blew it. He could have still been Senior Partner and voted for Jessica and "his team" would have been in his debt forever. Poorly played Louis, poor played. Love Harvey and Mike together, wonderful relationship. Love Harvey and Donna together, wonderful relationship. Love Harvey and Jessica together, wonderful relationship. Love the team together. Mike and Rachel would be nice if they got together but I guess you have to have some angst.


Good but there was a too quick turnaround and a very contrived Tess?/Mike/Rachel subplot.


LOUIS WAS AN ASS in that episode ! Gosh !


Loved Mikes quote from Shawshank Redemption about the shoes referring to the signature. Can't wait for the second half to start!!


I was afraid the writers would leaving us hanging again for six months. Cliffhangers are nice when used in moderation but they can get frustrating if overused. Enough hints were left to make us look forward to the next series of shows without a "to be continued" sign hung in the window. Harvey showed his humanity, Jessica showed her loyalty and Mike showed his smarts. Even Louis was smart enough not to back the disgraced Hardman. The family dynamics make this show so successful. Fairly Legal could learn something from this writing team.


Rachel was the perfect support system this episode and for once wasn't too annoying. When it came time for that Rom com like ending I cringed. Tess id just ugh. She lost me as soon as she was indecently flirting and what not at his grandmothers funeral and clearly exploiting the guy when he's most Vulnerable. And the whole waltzing past the door. Sure married lady. Louis stepped in it big. He went back to being slimey. He got too carried away. He always failed to see that they all were like a dysfunctional family. They hassle each other regularly and if he ever bothered yo notice he'd see that they ALL hassle each other he isn't the only "victim "but they always respected him and had and would have his back. Now it appears instead of keeping his head down for a bit he'll jump pm the Mike not going to law school thing again.


I loved this episode. I do agree with the reviewer that it seemed to have been wrapped up a bitter too quick. Jessica oz my girl and Harvey is my guy but it would have been cool to see them indisposed a little longer. I loved that they brought my favorite relationships /dynamics in the forefront in their own way. The Mike Harvey bromance had been lacking some this season but from Mike going off on Harvey to then getting stoned together, the elevator, almost assaulting Louis, Mike voting with the partners and celebrating with the other three members of the fantastic four it was great. Also donna and Harvey was out there, her loyalty to him regardless. Loved it. And Harvey and Jessica which doesn't get enough praise if you ask me,their loyalty to each other if you go I go, implication that they once got stoned together too...their great indefinable but deep relationship. Loved that all of those got attention. And donna and Jessica shared the screen again they should do that more those women are incredible! Rachel didn't annoy me for a change, she was the perfect support system, the set up for the end was so Rom com I cringed a bit. Tess though, ugh. She spent the service flirting with Mike which was indecent then just ugh. And Louis is on the out again. He never understood that they all were like a family and that even though they hassles him it was affectionately so. They all hassle each other. Now he's just oy.


Terrific show! One thing bothers me: the partners voted on Hardman's ouster without any discussion at all? That scene didn't seem plausible at all. But it's Suits, so all is well. Harvey, Donna, Mike, pot, can openers, and now thumbtacks? Whoooo! It's gonna be good in January!


I enjoy it more then I though I would the episodes was good

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