The CW Unveils New Posters for Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Emily Owens, M.D.

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The CW is ramping up promotion for all of its new fall shows.

While they won't premiere until October - along with returning programs such as Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries - the network has released new posters for Arrow, Beauty and the Beast and Emily Owens, M.D.

Click on each below for a larger version and then read on for a refresher on all three upcoming dramas.

Arrow Poster
Beauty and the Beast Poster
Emily Owens Poster

ARROW premieres on October 10 and stars Stephen Amell as a version of the popular comic book character, Oliver Queen. Presumed dead after a ship wreck, he returns to his family and life in his native city, seeking vengeance.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST premiere on October 11 and stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan. It's a retelling of the classic fairy tale, with Kreuk portraying a homicide detective and Ryan the wounded veteran with whom she shares a bond after he saves her life.

EMILY OWENS, M.D. premieres on October 16 and stars Mamie Gummer as a doctor fresh out of medical school.

Which of these shows are you most excited for?

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from that poster, I wonder if they should just cut to the chase and rename "Arrow".
Something like "Abs."


Right now I am most excited for Arrow, but I will certainly watch the premiere of B&B and Emily Owens M.D. too. With Arrow I'm still unsure whether it will be a Smallville type of show or a more Nikita type (both are fine actually, and a combi would be great).


i'm votting Arrow, but B&B looks cool too


Arrow keeps looking better and better - I think that's a show I'll definitely watching. I can never get over how incredibly handsome the "Beast" is...


Jarrod, Surprisingly, for me, Emily Owens was second best after Arrow in terms of CW's new slate, and I held out no hope for it. Yes, it has a definite Grey's vibe, but the cast is good, it's fun, and the characters have a solid feel by the end. It's the perfect complement to Hart of Dixie too.


beauty and the beast has my attention. mostly because when i was lil i watched the original. Also it is one of my fav stories from childhood as well.
the arrow surprisingly has my attention as well. superhero shows don't normally have a pull on my attention span. I have no previous knowledge of the arrow in the superhero world, nor many others.
Both have great potential and look interesting.


I think they're all good posters, but I still have an unsure feeling about Beauty and the Beast and Emily Owens, M.D.. I am definitely tuning into Arrow, possibly Beauty and the Beast, but Emily Owens just looks like a show that Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs writers threw in together.


So excited for arrow. Saw the pilot at comic con, and while it was good i thought the way people talked about it, i thought it would have been amazing. Cult was a lot better though so i cant wait for that come midseason. The beauty and the beast was okay. the main two actors were good but the supporting cast wasnt that great. But i think it has room for improvement. Solid pilots overall for the cw from the ones that i watched.


I'm excited for Arrow. The trailer did it for me. A male version of Nikita. I think the poster for Emily Owens looks good. But will reserve judgement till I see the pilot.
BatB is um okayish. Will see the pilot and make judgement calls.

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