The Good Wife Season 4 Promo: Welcome Back

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How committed to Peter is Alicia? When does Will's suspension end? What can we expect from the explosive relationship between Kalinda and her estranged husband?

All these questions are answered in the just-released new trailer for The Good Wife Season 4 and, to quickly sum them up: Very; as soon as the hit CBS drama returns on September 30; rough sex and rougher elevator rides.

Intrigued? Then hit Play on the ridiculously awesome video below and let the countdown begin. We're exactly one month away from the season premiere...

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Hey Adam, the finale seems to be a trend that HBO is foiwollng. I'm not sure if you watch 'Boardwalk Empire,' but the finale, though excellent, was always underwhelming compared to the episode previous to it. I guess set-up is important for them. Go Dragons!


Cary is the only character who those writers think doesn't deserve to be in the spotlight. And according to advanced reviews he still doesn't have any storyline or screentime in those first 3 episodes. I give up. They won't never give the character a chance.


I'm with Lucy! Please...I have been waiting forever for Cary to get a good storyline. I love him!


I only have interest in kalinda sex life if Lana is involved other than that couldn't care less about the husband.


If the writers don't back to reality this could be the last season, other networks are coming on strong with their Sunday night programs. Check out ABC they could take over the 8 9 and 10pm ratings. PS KEEP WILL OUT OF THE PICTURE HE IS A BIG DISTRATION.


Recently, I have been watching the show from season 1. They had many good interesting cases in season 1 and 2. There were ups and downs in Season 3. The final episodes for Season 1 and 2 were superb, creating some interesting moments and curiousity in the audience. Somehow, the final episode of season 3 was not exciting enough and neither is the Spoilers for Season 4. I agree that they should focus in developing the main characters i.e. Alicia, Will, Diane, Cary, Kalinda and their relationship with each other. Thumbs down for sex life of Kalinda. We already knew enough of her sex life in the previous seasons. The good wife had a good start but I am not sure if it is now heading in the right direction as viewers may lose interest. Not too many supporting roles, please.


Really, I've waited three years for them to finally do something worth media's and fans' attention for Cary and that season it seems that they'll only care about Kalinda and her steamy scenes. I think I've enough.


When the writers start bringing in "too many other extra stars" it seems to me that they have lost focus of the show- it becomes a distraction and lessens the quality of the show. I totally agree that Kalinda's sex life and her ex husband doesn't add to the show, but diminishes the show and also her acting capabilities. I am more interested in how our characters, Alicia, Peter, Will,Diane, Carrie and Kalinda develop, learning more about the law and the relationships of the characters with each other and their clients. The writers in trying to be "creative" and bring in more sex and new stars will end up losing viewers and the credibility of a good drama. Have the writers lost their focus? Yes!


That promo really sums up those 4 months of news and spoilers. I don't know if it's just a case of bad promotion or it's really not so good how it looks, but I really have a bad vibe about season 4. Loads of guest stars. Loads of words and articles about Kalinda's storyline but almost nothing about what they've specifically in store for other characters. And did the Kings say that show is about politcs? Because now it looks like their main goal is just writing about Kalinda's sex life and avoiding censorship.


I like Kalinda but sometimes it's like she's the only SUPPORTING character who they think deserves exciting and sexy story-arcs. Even the season finale cliffhanger was mostly about her. Are there other supporting characters who were given something like that? I don't think so and I'm sure there are other supporting characters who after 3 years still lack background, screentime or deep exploration but deserve them. That's husband storyline started two seasons ago and we are still talking about it. And I suppose that plot will last an entire season. Her husband, the FBI investigation, Lana, Bishop...really, how many plots and subplots that involve her do they need? And will they find time to explore fully other characters'storyarc and storylines?

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

It's hard to be on this side.