What's Ahead For Nate and Serena on Gossip Girl?

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Will Serena and Nate rekindle the magic in Gossip Girl Season 6?

There will no doubt be factions of the show's fan base clamoring for that romantic pairing - seen only sporadically through the years - as the CW show prepares to bow out for good this fall.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps, considering that there's still the Dan factor, and especially with a new love interest already cast for her ... interestingly, one Nate is connected to somehow. How?

Serena Under Fire

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, the newest love interest for S, (played by Barry Watson) reportedly shares a surprising connection with Nate, one that could "land the cougar magnet in [jail]."

Put your thinking caps on and share your theories on that below!

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Your photographs made a trip to Las Vegas jump hiehgr on my bucket list. I am so happy reading your blog as you share your creative talent with the rest of the world. I am lucky to count you as part of my family as well!


NATEandSERENA belong 2gether .dan is always thinking about himself as we saw that dan and serena are always on and off but serena and nate dated for a very long time and let's not forget he liked serena since season 1 ............go SERENATE love u guys its like magic when u 2 are 2gether


Ugh I wanted Serenate endgame but Derena is inevitable really since there has been no Serena/Nate romantic action since season 3 like @Amy said.


I really want serena and nate to get together. They have been best friends for a long time and they know each other very well and love each others even when it was bad. Nate accepts Serena for who she is and doesn't judge her and Serena does the same. Dan on the other hand had always judge Serena, true that she can sometime get out of control but instead of helping her out he leaves her. Nate on the other hand is always always there for her. Nate is the only guy she can always turn to when it gets bad. So i vote for Serena and Nate! Best friends can lead to true unconditional love!


@Jenny of course they watch their own show but season 5 was completely run by Josh Safran who after the AWFUL ratings left and Josh Schwartz came back into play promising that GG would return back to its old roots and the show we once loved, so to me s5 was a complete debacle and shouldn't even be remembered in the GG fandom but only as the worst season they ever created.
Clearly the producers/writers don't think that Nate&Serena worked as well as a couple since they haven't even hinted at them since their relationship in s3, surely you'd think that if there was going to be even a possibility of a Serenate endgame that they'd have at least had some sort of possible romantic relationship in s5


Just because DS have been together for a long time, it doesn't make them right. LMAO at SS saying that DS are romeo and juliet but I guess it's okay because I hate R&J as well. I don't even ship Dair but I think the show has made Dan's love for Blair so deep that it won't make sense for him to fall in love with Serena again, not to mention all the things he said to Serena in the last season. I don't know why Serena still wants him after all his crap. Do the writers even watch their own show? If they'd watched, they would know that these two don't fit each other. Dan is a judgemental douche when he is with Serena and Serena can never be herself when she is with Dan. Both of them are at their best when they are with Blair or Nate respectively. But it seems like happiness is the least concern for the writers in this show.


Nate and Serena are SOULMATES .“Nate is the guy that d e s t i n y has picked out for her.� -Television Without Pity. ->“There they go again, making h i s t o r y!� - Gossip Girl
->“Eventually we all find what we’ve been looking for… Even if it was there all along.� - Gossip Girl
->“With enough time, eventually we all see what was right in front of us, and we realize, no matter how long it took, it was worth the wait.� - Gossip Girl CAN'T YOU SEE THAT SERENA? EVEN GG CAN ! "Nate and Serena belong together, it seems like, because they love each other.�
- Blake Lively “Not only is Serena someone he wants to be with, it’s always been something that could lead him to be f r e e.�
- Chace Crawford “Tell her how you feel. Give her a chance to be with someone who does deserve her.�
- Chuck: 3×11 (“The Treasure of Serena Madra� Dan DEFENETLY don't deserve her. SERENATE & CHAIR FTW




@ Elisa I totally agree with you! Your statement that Serena and Nate should be just friends is the real thing! Because, Serena and Nate are just friends and nothing more since the end of season 3. It is also true what you said that Nate and Serena have no interest in each other from season 4, and especially during season 5, when Serena was all alone without a boyfriend but all the time she suffered for Dan! If Nate had an interest for Serena in season 5 he have been able to win her again, but the love interest of Nate were directed to Diane, Ivy and Lola. Nate and Serena are and should remain just friends! The only man that Serena said that he is the love of her life is Dan, and Serena and Dan should be together in the end like Chuck and Blair! At the end, Elisa sorry that I did not answer before! I totally agree with your previous comments!


@ Amy, Well done, you were faster than me! I've seen pictures from the set and you can see that Dan will finally drive Serena on Vespa! Faithful viewers of GG can recall that back in season 1 when Serena and Dan went on their first date, Serena admitted to Dan that she loves to ride on a Vespa! Judging by the pictures might be a miracle, and finally Serena and Dan finally be happy together!

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