Who Does Rufus Sleep With on Gossip Girl?

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In the aftermath of Bart's shocking return on Gossip Girl, the impact on Chuck was so drastic that Rufus was almost lost in the shuffle. What's to come for him now that the guy effectively lost his wife?

According to reports, he's moving on - in surprising fashion.

Does this mean he and Lily are done for good? Considering who Rufus sleeps with, TV Line's Michael Ausiello says he'd "hold out little hope for a reunion ... granted, Lily is now with Bart but still."

Who do you think he's sleeping with, and will it be revealed to the rest of the Upper East Side? Will he and Lily reconcile later in Gossip Girl Season 6, ending the series on a high note?

Share your theories and comments with us below ...

Rufus at a Crossroads

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Aunt Carol. Georgina. His ex-wife. Nate. Whatever.


vanessa obvs


Yes well Matthew Settle is a dish and by extension Rufus is a yummie dad,but still it's not in line with the character. Even after years of neglect and Side lining by the writers.


Why are you here then obvious


The title for this should be "does anyone care who Rufus sleeps with on gossip girl"


Ewwww! Really? Come on, why are they doing this to Rufus....I still remember the time when Rufus was actually a character on this show..


Yes, yes it is Ivy. Sex affair between Rufus and Ivy are just going out for revenge, Lola and Carol take revenge via Ivy to Lily and Rufus might doing too to Lily because his marriage with her was annulled! But for the latter Rufus was to blame!
@Where's Waldorf, You seem to have forgotten, sex has already happened between Blair and Jack in season 2! Chuck is overwhelmed with grief over the (false) death of Bart and went to Thailand, Blair was alone in NYC for New Year's Eve and slept with Jack! Jack was probably done to spite Chuck! And this sex scandal is revealed at the end of season 2!

Leigh r

My bad, I meant season 6. Must've blocked season 5 out of my mind...

Leigh r

We know it's Ivy, but I'm totally with everyone on here who thinks Rufus and Vanessa always had a little somethin somethin going on (chemistry wise). Bring back V for season 5! And little J!


Ivy and Rufus, hmmm? Well...I'm not a huge rufly fan so i don't mind Rufus sleeping with anyone. But it certainly doesn't sound interesting to me...and i think it's kind of unrealistic. No one is each other's type... Whatever... We'll see.

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